Thoughts about the current NFL/protest situation.

I’m glad I genuinely don’t give a shit about the NFL situation right now. By “not giving a shit”, I mean not getting angry about the whole situation. I have my opinions about the whole situation, but I’m not as angry about it as it seems like everyone else is. In fact, I actually find […]

An Amateur’s Thoughts on “America”

Americans don’t care about the world or world history because we’ve already done, in 200 years, what it took millennia for the rest of the world to start doing, and they still haven’t even caught up yet. I’m only half joking. Why was America known as the “Land of Opportunity”? Why is America known as such […]

Thoughts on being a Confederate sympathizer.

Liberal. Fem. Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”. Offend the Fuck Out of People.

THANKFULLY, I haven’t thought about the Bible lately. But here’s just some random thoughts for the day…

There can be nothing quite as torturous as reading the Bible… Reading through Scripture, and trying to interpret it, and trying to find out where you fit when it comes to Heaven and Hell, fearing eternal damnation, weighing your every choice, your every thought, so that a giant weight is pressed upon your soul… All […]

My thoughts on the Heismann presentation (by Nissan).

The Heismann spectacle gets on my nerves. Just get the bullshit over with. Just an excuse for advertisements. It could be over in five goddamn fucking seconds. Just open the goddamn envelope -.- College. Basketball. Sports.

Some brief thoughts about justice, as well as why I, as some critics will no doubt state, “raise hell about every little thing” and “don’t care about big issues”.

I’m very justice oriented, and I’m more forgiving of heinous crimes, where it is more difficult for me to understand what would drive someone to do some things, whereas I’m more strict on trivial manners, because I know I have the power to keep them from happening (whereas with the previous case, I’m not sure). It’s […]

The eternal battle for freedom, and those who impede it (including not-commonly-thought-of (at least in some powerful circles) culprits).

Whenever business colludes with government, so many people condemn the businesses and go to government to help. They fail to realize the crucial difference between the two, and that the government is the institution that claims a so-called “monopoly of force.” I can understand why one would want the “monopoly of force” on their side, but when […]