Truth in advertising.

I’m tired of deceitful advertising in the world, so I’m going to prove my ethical superiority by marketing myself as a crazy person. Advertisements

A “black and white”, “absolute”, “axiomatic” (or, if you want to use “synonyms”, “bigoted”, “racist”, “sexist”, “oppressive”, “patriarchical”) truth.

A person can either comprehend reality, or he cannot. It exists on a spectrum, where everyone fits into one of those two categories multiple times throughout their lives. We call those who have a tendency to comprehend reality “smart” (unless we do not comprehend that they comprehend reality, in which case we call them “stupid“). We […]

The TRUTH of the phrase “I’m offended.”

Saying “I’m offended” is more often used as a weapon for tyranny than for a liberator of any oppressed people. Liberal. Fem. Economics. Politics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. Offensive. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

Stefan Molyneux – The Truth About Voting

A very good video. Anarchism and Capitalism.

A Logical Message About the Claim that Truths Lose Truthfulness Because of Their Age, and the Claim that Old Truths Are Repeated Simply Out of Ignorance or Dogmatism Instead of the Fact that They Are Valuable Truths

When someone condemns a thinker for merely “dogmatically repeating what people in the past have said”, recall that any time a math book is published, there are ideas within them that are exactly the same as they were millennia ago, and some of these ideas, at some point, had to have been conceived of and […]

And here, we have the first REAL introduction to my life’s work: the difference between truth and lies, and how we know, and you can hopefully begin to see some of the problems that I am currently facing (that honestly will never ultimately go away).

I can’t feel guilty for people that want to make their own decisions. If they want to decide to put terrible things into their brains, that’s their choice. I can’t feel guilty for any negative consequences that they face. My life’s work will revolve around explaining the reality that occurs when people say “How do […]

What, the honest-to-God’s truth, college is.

College is paying a lot of money to get drunk and fuck. And most colleges are liberal colleges nowadays, so you get that good old-fashioned liberal brainwashing as well (do yourself a favor, and click on the link that is in the previous text. Just go through and watch some of those videos. Click on “Older Posts” […]