Ideological conflict is human nature. Us humans were given life on this planet, without a say so in the matter, and we live. Our very existence is a conflict. Within our existence, there exists “nature”. This “nature” provides us with things we need to live (air, water, etc.), and also things that can kill us […]

I want a good, Christian woman.

One that likes to FUCK!!! Christianity. Women (reader discretion is advised). Religious.

“What do you want to do for a living, Cody?”

“A combination of stupid stuff and smart stuff.” “That was both well and terribly said.” Edit. Writing. More writing. “What do you want to do with your life, Cody?” Shoot you in the fucking face and then fuck your dumb dead body, you cunt. Offend the Fuck Out of People. Intelligence. (Science). A Philosopher’s Mind. Creat. Highly […]

I don’t want to mention any names (but I do anyway), and CERTAINLY other people have had it worse than I did, but, nonetheless, there’s some problems here with how I was raised, and with conservative morality, which teaches people to repress their honest emotions with the rationalization that “other people have it worse”. It’s just quite frankly UNLOVING, to be honest with you…

Sometimes, shoddy things just happen. That’s a lesson that I had to learn early on in life… Over and over and over again… Depression, once a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that I would have to hope and pray would go away, now does not seem as daunting. Granted, I have not reached that level of darkness […]

Become crazy if you want to be happy…

I must get lost in my work if I wish to find happiness. I believe the same is true for all… Peace. Insane. A compulsive-writer’s dream… My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : Why my best friend is probably Buzz Lightyears away of me as far as writing is […]

The dark humor that I DESPERATELY, IN MY HEART, want to tell, even though I KNOW it’s going to get me a SHITload of trouble…

I’m looking to make pedophilia mainstream… Subway. Offend the Fuck Out of People. Jokes. Offensive. Horror Character playlist. Louis CK. Julie Borowski – Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy. Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”. My Youtube channel. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of […]

“Some men just want to watch the world burn…”…I’m Batman…

The sparks of ideas that I get that I know are worth sharing are enough to cause entire planets to burst aflame… If I can find a way to continue, develop, and share, I’m confident that money will be waiting for me on the other side… Excerpts from “Fire: Story 1 of the Apocalyptic Series”. […]

When I want to torture myself, I listen to this song.

Srsly. Excerpt from “Torture”. I may like consuming “dark” media, and creating “dark” art, but I just can’t stand this music. It doesn’t offend me, but it’s too much. The drums piss me off. I just can’t stand it. I may come across as an “angry” guy, but Slipknot is just too angry of a band for […]