Wealth inequality EXPLAINED, and what we should do about it

Inequalities within the market simply mean that not everyone wants the same things as much as everyone else. We shouldn’t punish those that give people what they want. Other economics pieces that I’ve written. The economic theory that makes the most sense to me. May 17, 2014. Advertisements

Misfortune, Wealth Distribution (although not in its entirety), Envy, Logic, Compassion, Natural Rights, and Communism

Why should we feel guilty for being at peace because others are misfortuned? If misfortune is such a bad thing, as evidenced by the fact we feel guilty for something, why is it bad when others are disadvantaged, but good when others and ourselves are disadvantaged? We should support people that aren’t disadvantaged just like we support […]

A Short Explanation of How Wealth is Created

The biggest lesson in economics is that one man’s profit is another man’s profit. We need to have filthy rich people, because a wealthy person’s wealth has no value to that wealthy person unless he buys something with it, and when he does, he gives some of that wealth to the person he is buying […]

Why Technology Increases Wealth

I think I just learned that technology is the sole base component for developing wealth. Because technology increases productivity, increasing productivity means a greater choice for consumers and more consumers, and increased productivity and consumers mean a greater economy. Efficiency means a greater output with less effort, which means that more effort can be used […]

A Short Explanation of the Logic Behind War Being Good for an Economy and the Logic of Destroying Wealth Creating Wealth

The logic that war is good for an economy seems to suggest that by employing someone to build a hammer and breaking everything that everyone owns is good for the economy, because then everything must be rebuilt. So if breaking things is good for the economy, why don’t we just build things and break them […]

The Nature of Wealth and Economies

Oh, boy. Where do I begin? Let’s begin with a series of questions. What is wealth? The nature of wealth is to have more than others. This isn’t the desired result, but rather an inevitable result that actually is better for everyone. I know: you’re already pissed off, preaching about equality and whatnot. Let me […]

Review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”

My decision to re-read books of my past, and review them, continues with “The Great Gatsby”. “The Great Gatbsy” is one of those books that seems to be an assigned reading multiple times throughout one’s “formal” education. The first time I recall being assigned to read this was in 11th grade. And the second time […]

Review of George Orwell’s “1984”

This is one of those books that is hard to do justice with a review. The copy that I read, borrowed from my best friend, has a preface by Walter Cronkite written in 1983, and an afterword by Eric Fromm in 1961. I’ll share a little bit of each of these before I write my […]


I have always scoffed at the phrase “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.” No doubt, as is the case with everything, this was influenced by being raised in religion. I was introduced to the idea that when I die, there is a perfect place I am going to if I do x […]


Ideological conflict is human nature. Us humans were given life on this planet, without a say so in the matter, and we live. Our very existence is a conflict. Within our existence, there exists “nature”. This “nature” provides us with things we need to live (air, water, etc.), and also things that can kill us […]