2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

Murray Rothbard – Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays. Advertisements

Why am I so blessed? Or have I spoke too soon?

I can’t recommend enough that people study economics. It has taken over my life, for the better. It is the ultimate red pill. Governments make sense when you study economics (if you’re studying the right places). It makes revolutions all the more understandable, and is truly frightening in making you realize that, very likely, you […]

Why Express?

Why do we desire to express ourselves with other human beings? What is this desire to “express”? What are we looking for? Why is it so natural, and so human? Why are we social creatures? Why don’t we exist without the ability, nor even, without the desire to express? Why aren’t we isolated atoms, unconscious, […]

Why Am I Not A Murderer?

I realize this is a very odd question for me to ask (most of them are), but it’s nonetheless a question that I feel like asking at the moment. Actually, it’s a question that I have asked myself ever since I was a child. I was raised a Free Will Baptist. I know that many […]

I may have just INADVERTENTLY discovered why I love dark humor so much.

I think that my intelligence is such that I can often predict where jokes are going to go, and, therefore, do not laugh. However, the shock of dark humor produces the laugh from me, precisely because of its unpredictable nature. I’m not necessarily saying that those who like non-offensive jokes are stupid. But from my […]

I guess this is why I laugh all of the time.

I want to relax and have fun. Seriousness and tragedy are hard for my soul to bear. I’m extremely affected when I feel that another has been dealt an unfair hand by life. And it is excruciatingly difficult to accept certain facts of life regarding unfavorable circumstances. Sitting and pondering them, and wondering how to […]

A theory as to why the car “Escalade” got its name.

I wonder if the name of the car “Escalade” came from the word “escalate”, as in to rise up to a higher standard of living, or boost your social status… Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. English. Logic. More logic. Liberal. Equality. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of […]

Why I prefer the written word above “mouth words”…

Complicated thoughts almost require writing as a necessity, as misspeaking is too easy, and the complicated web becomes too difficult to unweave; while writing provides editing, and one can communicate and organize without having an annoying interjector in the way… Some people seem to enjoy oral communication, however. I simply am not one of them… Insightful. A […]

My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : Why my best friend is probably Buzz Lightyears away of me as far as writing is concerned…

Practice is the only way to get better at something. So I must get lost in my writing… (He’s pretty much been telling me that he’s been wanting to do this himself for the past couple of years. I never really understood it until now…) I’m also beginning to understand how I can become a […]