Here’s a catchy title with the word “blood” in it. Intrigued? What’s it about? Hmm. Find out?

Went to Walmart so that I could get an outdoor mat to have one for each door. A blood van was there. It wasn’t the American Red Cross: it was The Blood Connection. They asked if I’d give some blood, and I said I would. I was pretty anxious. I’m used to blood and needles […]

Why I prefer the written word above “mouth words”…

Complicated thoughts almost require writing as a necessity, as misspeaking is too easy, and the complicated web becomes too difficult to unweave; while writing provides editing, and one can communicate and organize without having an annoying interjector in the way… Some people seem to enjoy oral communication, however. I simply am not one of them… Insightful. A […]

WC? (word choice)

Words are important, because they are used to define objective realities and to communicate them to other human beings. And human beings must communicate with each other to be happy. The amount of communication that makes one happy exists on a spectrum, and differs from human being to human being, however. Writing. Peace. Intelligence. Individual.

The liberal future of the word “queer”.

Liberals: “Soon, we’ll have to get rid of the word ‘queer‘, because being gay won’t be a minority anymore and, therefore, we’ll have NO use for the word REGARDLESS of the meaning. Unless it means ‘racist‘ or ‘sexist‘…” Liberals want to redefine words to mean completely contradictory things. One thing I’ve noticed about equality and sexuality. Economics. […]

Sword control?

I wonder how often sword-control measures were enacted in ancient times due to a fearing public. No doubt there was no hysteria, as the “violent video games” (1, 2) weren’t created yet, and life had not been around enough for the old people to start saying “Back in MY day” and “…the younger generation…”… Voluntarism and Capitalism. […]