A Message From A Shitty Writer

A young man gets bored, and decides to write a story. He decides to write a story about the most exciting thing he can imagine. Along the way, he discovers that he isn’t very good at it. He’s created the literary equivalent of a McDonald’s hamburger: it’s food, but not very sustenary; full of shitty […]

“But Yet, He Writes”

He’s no King Or Rowling But he writes He isn’t heralded by the New York Times Read by millions Or making them His writing isn’t very good, They say When they find him But yet, he writes He doesn’t follow proper form Spits out when others carefully craft Is juvenile, while others, refined But yet, […]

If I could write like this every fucking day, I’d be set. But turning my brain off (somewhat) for extended periods of time is the only thing that keeps me sane. I haven’t learned to keep up with it yet, nor learn how to use it.

I’m on the stoop of literature. Once that front door opens, there’s no going back. Navigation will become a non-stop way of life, with only a vague destination in mind. Wandering the halls forever, of imagination, both internal and external. There’s no going back. There’s no escaping the escapism, once you enter. You’re trapped. You […]

What is It That Makes Me Happy as A Writer?

What is it that makes me happy as a writer? That is the question that I am going to attempt to answer today. First, it depends on whether I am writing fiction or nonfiction. What makes me happy as a fiction writer? Well, typically, the process begins with, at least so far, a character or […]

The Rantings of a Crazed, Lunatic Writer

I have not written anything for quite some time. I have been consumed by other things: namely, having fun and relaxing. I have a deep hatred for writing. A deep hatred. This hatred comes from a place of intelligence, combined with whatever it is that makes me a bad writer. How can someone so smart […]

How I Can Become A Better Writer

Behind every good piece of writing are good thoughts. Writing is a series of thoughts strewn together. A writer hopes that his thoughts are coherent, unless he intends for them to be humorous; in which case, he writes an absurdity (with either a grain of truth in his absurdity or a presentation of truth as […]

*Insert a creative metaphor for a writer’s insanity*

I find it interesting, analyzing myself as a writer, that I don’t care about grammar that much, although I’d like to increase my vocabulary (and develop more coherence); but I don’t like talking to people. It’s a weird, contradictory life as a writer, where you don’t want to talk to people, but you want to […]

How I can know if I’m being successful as a writer (without even looking into my wallet).

The writing that I want to do, as far as amount and time spent doing it, will, hopefully, if I succeed in what I want to do, make everyone, including myself, doubt my sanity… The more insane I feel when writing, the more successful I’ll know I’m being. I can’t recall as freeing of a feeling […]

How a sane writer who feels insane can know that he is ACTUALLY sane…

When I feel the compulsion to write, I must write, and write, and write, to the point where any sane person would question my sanity. And then, I would question my own sanity, and I would know that I was sane… A compulsive-writer’s dream… My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : […]

A compulsive-writer’s dream…

Staying up writing when I should be sleeping has been the story of my life for the past 8 years, or so. Hopefully, this compulsion will turn into a modest standard of living someday… Insightful. Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. Articles. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please […]