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“Forever and Always”

This is a pretty fucked up poem.

Probably inspired from this video I watched recently.


The blood,
it drips,
it drips,
it drips,
violence from the hands of sensual fingertips.

The ceiling,
it pours,
it pours,
it pours,
from a dark force originating from some mysterious source.

The fear,
the pain,
the pain,
the pain,
only for a moment, while the victim screams in vain.

The look,
the lies,
the lies,
the lies,
another misread signal where infatuation creates despise.

The death,
the smell,
the smell,
the smell,
to be so damn delusional can only be described as “Hell”.

The face,
the glow,
the glow,
the glow,
what kind of fate awaits her, only the serial killer knows.

the eyes,
the eyes,
the eyes,
the serial killer sees them as his ultimate prize.

They glow,
they look upon him; their repulsion makes him want to kill.

The hiding,
the wait,
the wait,
the wait,
he has to murder quickly; he doesn’t want to be too late.

The pair,
set of baby blues shifts his heart to kill and plunder.

The mud,
the digging,
the digging,
the digging,
living a lonesome life, where the carcasses are a-plenty.

The cycle,
it makes the reader fear if the violence is within you.

The end,
will come,
will come,
will come,
only when the life of the serial killer is done.


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“The Bolt”

If you have ever been introduced to religious conservativeChristianity”, you know that feeling you get when you feel like you have sinned? That you aren’t good enough for God? That you are a sinner, and there’s no way out? Or that you can never get close enough to God? That torturous guilt, unbearable fear, and intractable sadness?

Well, that is “The Bolt”!

Keep your eyes
Towards the Heavenly skies
And welcome to the surprise of
The Bolt

Keep your head down
To the Heavenly crown
Lest ye make God frown:
Accept the Bolt

Don’t have too much fun
Bathing in the sun
Because it’s time to run
Into the Bolt

Don’t think about sex
Or you’ll cause God to vex;
Don’t worry about the complex
Because “the Bolt”

Women will trap you
And try to seduce you
So we will abuse you

Do not relax:
To stay on the right track:

Don’t ask deep questions
About whether the Devil will get ya
Because we will upset ya:

That dreaded evil science,
How dare it defy us!
God will make all fry for us

We scare you with love,
God’s gift from above,
Represented by doves:

Come to our churches
And listen to our sermons
Lest ye be sinful vermin:

The world’s full of sinners
But we’re God’s first winners
Cause we pray before dinner

We kill all pleasure
To an unholy measure
And destroy all man’s leisure

God damn all those famous;
Gay boy-on-boy anus;
No way to contain us:

We have Ten Commandments
Which God uses to judge us
And ultimately destroy us

Don’t sleep tonight
Without looking up high
And telling the Almighty goodnight
WITH THE BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check all your sins;
Measure your heart from within
To make sure you win

Convert other people
To come under our steeple
Because we are all sheeple
UNDER THE BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All will fry forever
Because God’s trust has been severed
Because we thought we were clever

In the end, there’s not darkness
But ultimately hotness
For those who were thoughtless

Jesus died for your sins
So that you could come in
To our church and begin

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“The Grasp”.

“The Grip”.

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“The Flow” – Original song/poem

This poem is about alcohol. If I was good at music, I’d make it a Bob Seger-type blues song. (Please don’t steal it).

When you’re feeling down,
Don’t want anyone around,
Wanna get out of this town,
Go with the flow.

When your boss is a clown
But you aren’t allowed
To voice that opinion too loud
Go with the flow.

When your dreams are real big
But you’re as talented as a pig
And you don’t want to start smoking cigs
Go with the flow.

When you’re feeling real blue,
Everything is getting to you,
And few people really have a clue,
Go with the flow.

When all you hear is white noise
From all the girls and the boys,
You could distract yourself with toys
Or go with the flow.

When you’ve heard bad advice
For almost all of your life,
Go with your favorite vice:
Go with the flow.

If you’re really smart,
And you enjoy creating art,
A while after your start,
You’ll need the flow.

When you’re blazing your own trail
And know many fails
And feel like you’re in Hell,
Go with the flow.

If you want to be alone,
Just wanna stay at home
And turn off your phone,
Enjoy some flow.

If your desires are contradictory,
And you’re often told they are silly,
You probably shouldn’t listen to your willy:
Listen to the flow.

If you wish you were smarter,
But you don’t want to work harder,
With the devil, you could barter:
Or go with the flow.

If people’s words give you a headache
And you’re around them most everyday
So you can blow your money on payday
Make sure you buy some flow.

If you feel like a genius,
And can’t stop playing with your penis,
And everybody thinks you’re a meanass,
Laugh and…well, maybe you don’t need any flow this time.

But if your plans aren’t working out
And your mind is quite stout
But you haven’t quite figured it out,
You might need some flow.

If you wish you were mentally stronger,
Can’t take the world’s words any longer,
Crack open an ice cold lager
And enjoy the flow.

If your temporary depression
Becomes a lifelong obsession
About types of oppression
Shut the fuck up and drink some flow.

If your life really sucks,
And you have at least a couple of bucks,
And no one to fuck,
Enjoy some flow.

If you can’t get people to understand you
And just want them to leave you
Enjoy some flow.

If you keep trying stuff
Looking for a string of luck
So you can stop being a shmuck,
Have some flow prepared.
If you get what you want
And then are more miserable than when you started,
Maybe even a little broken-hearted,
Go drink some flow.

If you’re lazy as fuck
And falling apart is your truck
And you can never have any luck,
Enjoy some flow.

If you’ve been wrong a lot
About many things you have thought
And regret many fights you have fought,
Go drown in some flow.

If you hate everyone that you meet,
Avoid walking down the street.
Go back home with your feet
And drink some flow.

If you want to be funny
And use that to make some money
But no one cares, honey,
Go drink some flow.

If you’re tired of advice
And want to drown in your vice,
Don’t forget that cold ice,
Go drown in flow.

If you need to relax
From the absorbing of facts
And have some pain in your back,
Go hit the flow.

With no one, you get along?
Just listen to some songs,
And dream of cheeks between some thongs,
And drink some flow.

Forget milk and honey;
Forget lots of money;
Forget days that are sunny;
Just give me the flow.

“The Grasp”

Introduced in the youth,
As so many demons are;
Stripping away innocence;
Creating emotional scar after scar.

Creating anxieties
Through which no child should have to cope.
Destroying God’s gifts
In the name of creating hope.

How much better it would be
To leave the children alone,
And let the decades naturally flow by,
Marveling at how much they have grown…

But some children are destroyed
Before they even have a chance
By Biblical ideology
That destroys fun, happiness, and romance…

Some people were never born
With a fair shake.
Seemingly, due to the evil actions
Of one particularly devilish snake.

People are dying
Due to mankind’s corruption
While men preach of Hell’s inevitable
Horrific, destructive eruption…

There is no hope
In the minds of these men;
In their hearts, or their words,
Desperately lost in sin.

All they can do
Is destroy other’s lives
By consuming with fear
And deceiving with lies.

God bless those who never heard
The damned word of God.
Although it isn’t perfect,
They can probably enjoy each other’s bods.

The grasp seems to never let you go
Once it has hold.
Introduced into your youth,
With you, it grows old…

It doesn’t seem like
It will ever go away.
Regardless of what your Christian friends,
Or even Christ Himself, might say…

It becomes a part of your personality;
A part you most want to revile;
Saddening your heart,
Darkening your smile…

Despite the fact you know there’s more,
You can’t help but lament
At all the time you’ve wasted,
And the futile effort you spent.

There’s a reason you can’t really let go
Of the horrors of your youth.
They affect you for the rest of your life,
And that’s the horrible, sickening truth…


“The Grip”.

My poetry.

“Sailing Winds”

I am on a ship
In the sea
Being me,
Being free

The waters are calm, and blue
For me and you

For you see,
You, and me,
And we,
We are all on the ocean
We are ALL sailing…

Someone has fallen overboard,
We flip his ship,
And set him upon his way…

Some have sunken their boats;
Some stay, some go away

But you, and I
We have our ships
Our hopes and dreams, sky high…

There’s some thunder off in the distance
Frightening to me,
Nothing to you

Luckily, there have been no typhoons…
…For me
God only knows
What YOU have seen

But we sail
Going away
From day to day
Our own way

Soon, the storm will come,
And hopefully, it will be ok…

But as we left the dock
Around ambition-o’clock
The sqwaks
And squeaked
And yipped
And yeeped
And advised
And despised
And envied
And pitied

To me, they sucked
But to you, they blew

And away we went…

I could still hear those winds
Miles down the sea
And my head began to wonder
What would become of me

So I went back to the voices,
The only ones I had heard,
Who performed little action,
But spoke many words

The doubt, it grew,
Until I looked over at you,
And then, I knew,
That through and through,
You knew
How to navigate that ocean blue

Me, I was panicking
Much more frantic
As I had a big, ambiguous destination,
Unable to measure my boat

But I sailed my way
And you sailed yours
While we look for that everlasting
Golden shore
Of peace, and contentment,
While on the dock,
They roar more, and more…

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“The Glow”

It is often speculated
If one is born a monster
Or is developed into one

My gut,
For what it’s worth,
Tells me both

But the glow in me
Has dimmed down over the years,
Afraid to show it’s shining face once again

I believe that I was born with the glow
But it was dimmed all too soon

I was cheated of the glow
And I lived in the dark for many, many years
And the darkness
Hardens your heart
And makes you wonder
If you have actually become a monster

So you tell yourself you are a monster
And you do monstrous things
But it doesn’t feel good
It doesn’t feel like YOU
You don’t feel like a monster…

But, there’s still no glow
It is gone
A forgotten memory
A missed chance
A cheated opportunity
Never to be recovered again…

Some may decide to let the depressing darkness engulf them
And rest in it
But I want a different glow

I can never recover the glow lost
But I want to grow a new one
I want to make my OWN glow
Since mine was taken away from me oh so long ago…

But with great glow comes great danger
For the glow could grow too hot, and burn me
And oh, how I HATE to be burned…

But can I continue to let the darkness live forever?
Where is the glow that I so long for?
And who shall be the keeper of my flame?

Will the fire drown me in tears?
Shred my heart into an inescapable chasm?
What does the future hold, besides my heart, and my fate?

The fire glows in response to the glow
Looking to strike it’s vengeful blow
But whoa,
You know it so
The power isn’t worth the everlasting woe

And yet, is it so?
How do you know
If you don’t give it a go?

…I don’t know…

They say you should forgive and forget,
And yet,
They also say a lot of OTHER stupid things…

I guess for me
The key
Is to be
What I wish to be
And see
How I feel after a time

But for now
I suppose I’ll settle
For a rhyme
And a ponderance
And growing my glow
Waiting to show
To who? God only knows…



My poetry.

“The Grip”.

“The Grip”

It starts with the foreskin
The first thing to go
Lest you catch a disease
From a filthy ho

Then comes desire
It must be squelched
Before the Great Lake of Fire
Consumes your bones with a mighty belch

Then comes talk
About love, and marriage
Where people who want a fuck
Create righteousness through a carriage

Then comes the yelling, the screaming,
The nasty divorce
And the children with mental disorders
Due to all of the chaos, of course

The unwanted children,
The broken homes,
When all could be fixed
With birth control and condoms

But we need more miserable people
To fill up our pews
And worship the Lord
And then watch the news

Pushed underground
Is the sexual desire
Much like the drug lords
That the druggies hire

Same for the guns
And ALL illegal things
They lead to black markets
And immoral police stings

All the horny children
Sit, hard and wet,
Terrified of the consequences,
Lest they forget…

They try too hard
To make love work
All because they can’t admit
That they want to pork

What they have been taught
Is not love
It isn’t a divine message
Sent from above

It is guilt and terror
About tits and asses,
Vaginas and cocks,
And cum on glasses

Fear of the touch
Fear of the skin
Fear of too much
Fear of living in SIN

None of these people
Can relax when they cum
They can’t experience
That sex was made to be fun

Please ignore your pastors
And your uptight churches
Don’t worry about Hellfire
And the Devil, who torches

Be smart about sex
Know the real consequences
Like having children
Or really bad itches

But when you’re on top
Of your girl or your guy
Let yourself go
Let yourself fly

Enjoy the touch
Enjoy the heat
Let the pedestrians
Hear you from the street

Take it slow
Take it fast
Make it quick
Make it last

Explore, enjoy
Never stop fucking
Cum to your heart’s content
Never stop sucking

Enjoy each other’s bodies
And each other’s minds
Enjoy his hot cock
Enjoy her insides

Cum where you want
And fear not God
For sex was created by Him
Use your hole, use your rod

But use common sense
Always be smart
Fuck with your genitals
AND with your heart

Be smart, be safe,
Be consensual, be dirty,
Be sweaty, be loving,
Be gentle, be hurty

But the most important thing
Is to relax and enjoy it
For that is what it’s for
Please don’t destroy it…


(Wrote in probably 10-15 minutes, to brag for marketing purposes. Lol. It ended up taking a very different turn than I thought it would when I first came up with the idea. It was initially going to be much more sad, but it took a more positive route when I started writing, which is very odd for me…lol)

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