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Songs I’ve literally been addicted to.

Songs that, once I started listening to them, I listened to them on repeat for, at times, hours.

I just find this interesting. Maybe there’s a pattern or something. I don’t know. I just feel like it says something about me, somehow.

Gonna try to put them in order from the ones I was first “addicted” to to last.

I’ll update it as new “addictions” occur. (Years indicate when the “addictions” either first occurred or the only year they occurred).



 Maybe 2007.
Maybe 2013.
Maybe 2014.
Maybe 2015.

“The Flow” – Original song/poem

This poem is about alcohol. If I was good at music, I’d make it a Bob Seger-type blues song. (Please don’t steal it).

When you’re feeling down,
Don’t want anyone around,
Wanna get out of this town,
Go with the flow.

When your boss is a clown
But you aren’t allowed
To voice that opinion too loud
Go with the flow.

When your dreams are real big
But you’re as talented as a pig
And you don’t want to start smoking cigs
Go with the flow.

When you’re feeling real blue,
Everything is getting to you,
And few people really have a clue,
Go with the flow.

When all you hear is white noise
From all the girls and the boys,
You could distract yourself with toys
Or go with the flow.

When you’ve heard bad advice
For almost all of your life,
Go with your favorite vice:
Go with the flow.

If you’re really smart,
And you enjoy creating art,
A while after your start,
You’ll need the flow.

When you’re blazing your own trail
And know many fails
And feel like you’re in Hell,
Go with the flow.

If you want to be alone,
Just wanna stay at home
And turn off your phone,
Enjoy some flow.

If your desires are contradictory,
And you’re often told they are silly,
You probably shouldn’t listen to your willy:
Listen to the flow.

If you wish you were smarter,
But you don’t want to work harder,
With the devil, you could barter:
Or go with the flow.

If people’s words give you a headache
And you’re around them most everyday
So you can blow your money on payday
Make sure you buy some flow.

If you feel like a genius,
And can’t stop playing with your penis,
And everybody thinks you’re a meanass,
Laugh and…well, maybe you don’t need any flow this time.

But if your plans aren’t working out
And your mind is quite stout
But you haven’t quite figured it out,
You might need some flow.

If you wish you were mentally stronger,
Can’t take the world’s words any longer,
Crack open an ice cold lager
And enjoy the flow.

If your temporary depression
Becomes a lifelong obsession
About types of oppression
Shut the fuck up and drink some flow.

If your life really sucks,
And you have at least a couple of bucks,
And no one to fuck,
Enjoy some flow.

If you can’t get people to understand you
And just want them to leave you
Enjoy some flow.

If you keep trying stuff
Looking for a string of luck
So you can stop being a shmuck,
Have some flow prepared.
If you get what you want
And then are more miserable than when you started,
Maybe even a little broken-hearted,
Go drink some flow.

If you’re lazy as fuck
And falling apart is your truck
And you can never have any luck,
Enjoy some flow.

If you’ve been wrong a lot
About many things you have thought
And regret many fights you have fought,
Go drown in some flow.

If you hate everyone that you meet,
Avoid walking down the street.
Go back home with your feet
And drink some flow.

If you want to be funny
And use that to make some money
But no one cares, honey,
Go drink some flow.

If you’re tired of advice
And want to drown in your vice,
Don’t forget that cold ice,
Go drown in flow.

If you need to relax
From the absorbing of facts
And have some pain in your back,
Go hit the flow.

With no one, you get along?
Just listen to some songs,
And dream of cheeks between some thongs,
And drink some flow.

Forget milk and honey;
Forget lots of money;
Forget days that are sunny;
Just give me the flow.