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Devin Stevens’s Yugioh-Bernie Sanders mashup.

Yugioh TCG Exclusive!

Attribute: White
ATK 2500 DEF 3000
Rank 4

2 level 4 Democrat Monsters

“If you control ‘Hillary Clinton,’ destroy this card. During either player’s turn, you can attach a ‘Democrat’ monster from your hand to this card as XYZ material. During either player’s turn, you can detach one XYZ material from this card to destroy one face up ‘capitalist’ card your opponent controls. During each standby phase, if your opponent has more cards in their hand and/or field than you do, they send cards from their hand and/or field to the graveyard so they have an equal number of cards as you do on their field and in their hand. All monsters you control have their ATK and DEF equal to this card’s. If this card is in your graveyard, during either player’s turn, you can return this card to the extra deck; this turn, all Millennial, Socialist, and Democrat cards you control are unaffected by your opponent’s card effects and cannot be destroyed in battle.


Devin Stevens’s Yugioh-Trump mashup.

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Devin Stevens.

Voluntarism and Capitalism.



Voluntarism and Capitalism.


Trump parody 1.

Trump parody 2.

Murray Rothbard.

More Murray Rothbard.

Tha Rude – Tantrom

If this doesn’t fucking go viral, then I give up lol

Devin Stevens quote during #Election2014

Devin: “All this political jargon is just noise. I close my eyes and try to calm myself to sleep. I just can’t escape the feeling that something fundamental is missing in our country, like say, coherence, understanding, or intelligence.”

Me: “Bingo.”





Voluntarism and Capitalism.

The root of the illusion of politics.

“Voting” for freedom is a contradiction in terms, because men’s freedom comes from their nature as soon as they are born: it does not require a “vote.”



Voluntarism and Capitalism.

The Sad Reality of Politics.

Government scam and language manipulation.

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