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“The Bolt”

If you have ever been introduced to religious conservativeChristianity”, you know that feeling you get when you feel like you have sinned? That you aren’t good enough for God? That you are a sinner, and there’s no way out? Or that you can never get close enough to God? That torturous guilt, unbearable fear, and intractable sadness?

Well, that is “The Bolt”!

Keep your eyes
Towards the Heavenly skies
And welcome to the surprise of
The Bolt

Keep your head down
To the Heavenly crown
Lest ye make God frown:
Accept the Bolt

Don’t have too much fun
Bathing in the sun
Because it’s time to run
Into the Bolt

Don’t think about sex
Or you’ll cause God to vex;
Don’t worry about the complex
Because “the Bolt”

Women will trap you
And try to seduce you
So we will abuse you

Do not relax:
To stay on the right track:

Don’t ask deep questions
About whether the Devil will get ya
Because we will upset ya:

That dreaded evil science,
How dare it defy us!
God will make all fry for us

We scare you with love,
God’s gift from above,
Represented by doves:

Come to our churches
And listen to our sermons
Lest ye be sinful vermin:

The world’s full of sinners
But we’re God’s first winners
Cause we pray before dinner

We kill all pleasure
To an unholy measure
And destroy all man’s leisure

God damn all those famous;
Gay boy-on-boy anus;
No way to contain us:

We have Ten Commandments
Which God uses to judge us
And ultimately destroy us

Don’t sleep tonight
Without looking up high
And telling the Almighty goodnight
WITH THE BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check all your sins;
Measure your heart from within
To make sure you win

Convert other people
To come under our steeple
Because we are all sheeple
UNDER THE BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All will fry forever
Because God’s trust has been severed
Because we thought we were clever

In the end, there’s not darkness
But ultimately hotness
For those who were thoughtless

Jesus died for your sins
So that you could come in
To our church and begin

Free Will Contradictions.


“The Grasp”.

“The Grip”.

Small Town Religion.


My love affair with food.

My love for food is so unnatural that the Christians are trying to outlaw it.

Goddamn corporatism in America.

More restaurantes ❤

Gay stuff playlist.

Gay stuff playlist.

To make a video game recording request.

The status of donators that have requested for me to record gameplay for a specific video game.

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Excellence (meaning to excel), talent, etc.

Excellence is defined by Wikipedia as a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.”

To condemn excellence is to kill the world.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

Who are the people you consider “talented” and “excellent” and “better than everyone else”?

I’ll give you some examples of my own (as many as I can think of).


Peyton Manning.

Michael Jordan.

Stephen King.

Stephen Hawking (haw haw).

George Carlin.

Angus Young.

Lewis Black.

Kurt Cobain (some people may say he’s not talented, but I like his music, so that’s enough for me to include him on this list).

Barry Bonds (whether or not he cheated, I loved to watch him play because he was just so dominant).

Child prodigies (the multitude of child prodigies).

People that can draw really well (it fascinates me).

Bill Walsh (the best coaches are the ones that demand greatness: I am very similar to that (Personality Development; if you feel like telling me to “stop being so cocky“, and then to also “get some self-esteem and not care about what anyone thinks”, and that “I need balance”, and that “I need to value other people’s opinions as equally as my own”: here’s a big FUCK YOU message for you 😀).

Extremely talented musicians (especially guitarists).

How can you be great when you condemn greatness?

I know you don’t know me that well, but I will showcase my talents to you in the future, and you will be in awe.

I look forward to all of the hate that I will receive for very moralistic reasons.

Talent is so unfairly attacked by “moral” ideals, and I think that talented people in the world should do something like this, because this is what has helped me out tremendously, as well as many other things that have shaped my personality, eliminated my guilt, allowed me to be as smart as I goddamn want to, to stop worrying about things that are impossible to solve, etc. etc.

A big FUCK YOU to all of you faggots that condemn talent, intelligence, etc. etc.

Fucking envious, worthless, piece of shit motherfuckers.

The reason that I do not answer any questions “on command”.

Personality Development (read this one before reading the one below it).

Failure is Not an Option.

A big fucking sign-off for January 29, 2014.

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Not the first message about my offensive comedy, but just another one because I want to write it down to an absolute science (if at all possible), and considering how much I love knowledge, theories and the blackest of comedies, my life’s work will be a perfect match for me (raping dead babies. I mean, what? Writing, of course (about the dead babies))

It’s always nice when you can understand those personality traits that are most intrinsically you, that really are what you enjoy, and just what you are on the most deepest of levels.

For me, those levels are understanding everything as much as possible, having an insatiable desire for curiosity and intelligence, being funny 100% of the time, and being 100% honest.

Of course, those things are often misconstrued as being “a know-it-all”, “not being serious enough”, and “not having tact”, as well as some psychopathic accusations that I’ll always face, but I’m hoping to just get the bravery to steam right ahead in what I want to say and just not care about those that don’t “jive” well with my own personal desires.

The funniest comedians are the ones that aren’t afraid to say ANYTHING, because to them, everything is a big joke and they can find humor in ANYTHING, and you’ll laugh if you aren’t delusional.

A lot of these moral uptight faggots are just miserable, trying to be perfect, etc. etc. and that’s why the vulgar comedian has them beat.

He’s happier than they are, he’s having more FUN than they are, and I would argue on one level that they are HOLIER than they are. Not in the sense that we aren’t all sinners, but just that I think that the vulgar comedian has life by the balls more so than your uptight moralist.

They’re more connected with the universe on a much, MUCH more deeper level, because they aren’t superficially worried about their appearance or appearing as an infallible religious leader, dedicated to God.

I’m basically going to offend everyone when I say this (Offend the Fuck Out of People) but most of what those people value doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Their righteous misery don’t help them out one bit, and the people that are relaxed are the people that got it and have it made.

That’s all for now. I feel like I could write 2000 pages right now but I don’t want to sit and think about this any longer, and I’d rather just publish it on the net anyway.

I’m ready for this journey and I embrace all of the vulgarity that I can stand.

I just hope that I can deal with all of the vicious hate that I’ll receive, and at some point, I’ll have my own theory as to why I am this way, but all I’ll say for now is that I’ve never diddled any little penis (at least not one that was underage), I have no desire to, I have no desire to have sex with anyone underage, I have no desire to stab someone in the throat, fuck them, and then shit on the carcass, or anything like that.

My biggest life’s work (at least when it comes to writing) will be about this subject, the theory of dark comedy, etc. etc. but for now, I’m just going to work on defending myself, staying true to myself, and just enjoying the whole experience and not worrying about anything.

THOSE are my biggest goals right now.

January 11, 2014.

Offend the Fuck Out of People

Offending people is the most important thing a society can do.

I am probably going to write some articles about religious moralism, but I will save them for later (I’ve written one, but I’m sure that there will be more to come in the future).

I have, for many years (the lengths that most of my thoughts stew before I come up with some kind of appropriate answer) questioned the purpose of things such as black comedy (dead baby jokes, rape jokes, etc.). “Offensive” behavior (rather subjective) is a topic that I have seemingly never been able to get out of my head. It has intrigued me ever since laughing at a murder scene in a movie in front of my mother.

My psyche probably has two of the most incompatible aspects that a psyche can have:

I have an incredibly dark sense of humor, and I am prone to nervousness.

Throughout my childhood, I was an extremely sensitive child in almost every way.

I cried in the tub because I thought I had a cut when it was only a red string (I have been ridiculed relentlessly about the incident by my father) and I cannot handle very loud music.

It gives me a headache. I have observed over the years that my mother is much of the same.

My brain has always been an interesting one. Read Highly Sensitive Mind for more information.

But throughout my childhood and on into my adolescent years, I was a sponge when it came to having anything said about me. I had a blonde mullet for most of my life before kindergarten and from what I remember, I was pretty proud of it.

I was just like my father.

And this was awesome.

Until kindergarten.

Those little faggots.

I was called a girl by a couple of kids and I wanted my hair cut. My parents didn’t want me to, but I persisted. Eventually, it was cut. I do not remember anymore incidents such as this until probably sixth grade.

I have always been, and always will be, a big thinker. I have always been very intelligent. Many moments in my life have been related to this, such as having the longest material to read in a play that was performed in kindergarten (obviously, with my hair cut) because I was the best reader, or skipping first grade. I have also, in my lifetime, been known to drop a few insights to my parents that only parents of genius kids would be surprised at. My previous sentence is another prime suspect of my sensitivity to others, because throughout my life, I have been called many things by people dumber than me.

Already, I can hear the criticisms now that I have always heard that reinforces my point. That I’m a know-it-all, I think I’m better than everyone else, blah blah blah. Yeah, I admit that I’m arrogant. I will gladly call someone a fucking dumbass. A lot of pussies can’t handle that, so they say things like “You’re a dick,” blah blah blah blah. You can just imagine some of the things that I have heard.

The only difficulty of being smart is being around others that are dumb.

I know that someone is going to take my sentence that says “You cant just imagine some of the things that I have heard” to mean that I am looking for sympathy.

See, faggots like you are exactly what I’m talking about.

As is the case with literally everyone on the planet, I cannot say something without offending someone.

I know, faggots, I’m not special.

There are many things that I want to say next, so forgive me if I am out of chronological order.

But being a very sensitive kid fucks you over. Granted, I love many of my personality traits. My intelligence,  my ability to think about subjects deeply, my sense of humor. I would not trade these for anything.

But my sensitivity fucked me over.

The same curiosity that made me want to learn about everything in sight was the same mind that made me sensitive to others. I’m sure this is the case with most kids: wanting to fit-in, etc. I think it’s just a natural stage of development.

But hopefully, you can see the beginning stages of why my psyche of being highly sensitive and having a dark sense of humor is a disastrous combination.

One of the biggest traits that I have felt self-conscious about has been my intelligence.

The moral fags have given me a living Hell.

For many years, so much of my energies were spent apologizing for being smarter than other people.

I was always apologizing for being smart, thinking that my intelligence meant that I was cocky and going to Hell.

Trusty moralism strikes again.

But thankfully, over time, my dark sense of humor has started coming out of me.

This has been my saving grace.

What once was a cause of self-consciousness, self-reflective morality (in part, thanks to my mother) has now become my greatest freedom.

Little faggot jokes do not make me laugh.

Cute jokes told to the self-righteous moralists who are more than happy to send everyone to Hell.

Fag jokes bore me.

For whatever reason, and for things out of my control, I have a dark sense of humor.

Thankfully, my sensitive days are coming to a close, thanks to realizing that no matter how old you get, even if you are white-haired, you will always offend someone, and thankfully, the self-righteous moralism and oversensitivity are disappearing, and I can say whatever I want.

I can finally be who I was born to be.

I have studied many “adults” and found that many “offensive” adults were much more successful than the moral fags.

I know that I was created to offend people, and I will not let the self-righteous moral fags tell me that it is wrong anymore.

As I said, self-righteous moralism could take up volumes, but thankfully, I do not have to abide by their sense of “morality” and can have my own.

I can say fuck and cunt and goddamn without being afraid.

embrace the hate from the self-righteous moral fags.

I haven’t completely eliminated my sensitivity, but I am working on it.

I will continue to be offensive.

I enjoy it, and I need it. This is how I am, and I promise that I will be happier than the moral fags.

Being a self-righteous moral fag destroys everything.

To get to the main point of this article, I have always known that black comedy had a purpose.

I used to be self-righteous, condemning people to Hell, but when my dark sense of humor came out, I couldn’t do that anymore without worrying, so thankfully, I’ve stopped worrying.

A Philosopher’s Mind” really captures some of my processes. If you read that, this will make a lot more sense.

I will try not to be repetitive, but I am always thinking deeply. I don’t want this to turn into “A Philosopher’s Mind“, but I am a philosopher. So I enjoy trying to understand things philosophically. This is hard to do when you have stupid people telling you you think too much when you actually enjoy thinking, but I digress.

The philosophy of dark comedy and offensiveness is one that I would most enjoy to formulate because of the moral fags.

One thing flawed about attacking dark comedy is that self-righteous moralism is deeply flawed. But I think that dark comedy serves a gigantic purpose: maybe multiple purposes. I think that the main thing is that it rapes self-righteous moralism, which is good.

I think that it provides a balancing act.

It challenges social conventions, which makes people think about how their energies are being used.

It brings the true nature of the dark side of life to attention.

Moral fags believe that dark comedy praises evil, but they are wrong.

It makes people aware of it.

Ignoring it does not make it go away.

As I have said, I enjoy dark things.

I’ve never stabbed someone in the throat and sucked out their blood and chewed on their vocal cords.

I’ve never fucked a dead body or asked a kid to touch my genitals (not since I was 6).

But it is still humorous for me to talk about these things. I know that I’ve already lost most of my readers here, but I will continue anyway.

As I have stated, I have spent countless hours doubting my own, for lack of a better term, “moral sanity.” I have let people call me twisted and say all of the things that they think they know are secret, or are waiting to come out.

I do not wish to live a life of justification towards these people, but I figured that I would write at least one thing about this topic since I know I am going to get so much attention for it.

First, let me say that I don’t hope that little boys get raped in their asshole.

I am not a Catholic.

I think that I just discovered the root of why I found what I just said funny: its absurdity.

Clearly, I don’t have a little boy’s brownhole on my peepee (you don’t know that), but suggesting that would be so dark that only the most detached would actually do it (I’m more sympathetic to those types than most (“What? YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO RAPE BOYS?” Once again, I was raised a free will baptist, not a Catholic (not sure which one is worse) but we spent our time condemning faggots to Hell and recruiting people into our misery. FOR GAW-UH-DUH! Instead of stealing people’s money and raping little boys. But I digress)).

Clearly, if I saw a little child getting raped, I would join him for a circle jerk.

No, actually, if I saw a child getting raped, I’d probably cry.

Then I’d hope that I had a gun on me. (There, you happy?)

But I am innocent until proven guilty: just like the rest of us.

The niggers (my article about this word) haven’t robbed anybody or raped any white women, most middle-aged white men haven’t gone on a killing spree, most Catholic priests haven’t raped any boys.

Well, at least the first two-thirds are true.

But hopefully you understand my point: basically, I’m using satire to reveal reality.

Why do I focus on such dark things?

Because I know that ignoring them does not make them go away, and trying to hide behind Christianity and act like this stuff doesn’t exist is an injustice.

I think that part of the reason that these jokes and other forms of art exist is to bring them to people’s awareness.

One of the great tragedies in the world is that people cannot separate art from reality (mainly because of their false religions, but I digress).

The fact that people would equate a video game or movie with actual murder is nonsense, and that is probably why my longest story to date is about a scatophiliac, necrophiliac serial-killing rapist (he’s the protagonist :)).

I will always have people tell me that I jack off to dead bodies covered in poop, so I have to start ignoring people now.

However, I have often wondered why I am drawn to such dark art, and my only answer is to bring darkness to light (because most people don’t know what true fear is), to shatter blind optimism (not true optimism, but blind optimism: “Since God is in control, nothing bad can happen”), and also to distinguish art from reality.

These are my purposes.

November 25, 2013.

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This video may explain it better. I don’t fucking know.