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Murray Rothbard on sports.

“Of all areas of life, sports should be the arena least touched by politics. For the glory of being a sports fan is precisely that we are engaging in fun and play, that we are permitted to be ‘irrational’; that is, to be Yankee or Mets fans, to love our team and to hate the enemy, without having to ground these passions in systematic, moral or metaphysical theory. So it is particularity obnoxious when the gaggle of left Puritans invades and takes over the field of sports. Which they have done, of course, with a vengeance.

The Hate Thought squad has run rampant in sports for years. Veteran and respected sports figures, such as Al Campaneris and Jimmy the Greek, have seen their careers destroyed because they gave one politically improper answer to an interviewer’s question. No one dares even explore whether or not the answers were correct; their very expression is a hate-thought-crime; unlike other, seemingly graver, crimes, from their punishment there is no reprieve.

I like to think that sports writers are above politics’ that sports and only sports fill their minds. But now, they too have succumbed, and are, in fact, viciously leftist whenever politics is deemed relevant to sports.”

The Irrepresible Rothbard pdf.

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I’ve never really felt comfortable with the acquirement of “fans”, even though I know how talented I am, and that I’ll only get better as time goes along…

I have often been compelled to write so much (as in amount) that I have often been brought to tears at the fear of what it would mean if I actually caught up with myself, and what it would mean if more and more people could relate to my mere words…

It has caused such a fear that any attempts successful to do such have been consciously squelched by what I can only describe as “social anxiety”.

I believe that my recent attempts to understand economics and money may be my only saving grace as far as sharing my work with the public as much, for if it was not for that prospect, I would fall back upon those tendencies I had, starting around age 15, where I would feel compelled to write, then feel compelled to stop writing due to a (possibly) socially anxiec fear of social recognition…

My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : Why my best friend is probably Buzz Lightyears away of me as far as writing is concerned…

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A compulsive-writer’s dream…

The nature of writing is that you have to do it: the exhausting nature of the work which I wish to accomplish.

What I want as a writer.

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Voluntarism and Capitalism.


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I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work.

The only purpose that I EVER wish to have with my work.

The cycle of fanhood, inspiration, and voyaging…

When you like someone’s work, you attribute all of these characteristics to them.

And then, you want to embody those characteristics for yourself, so that you can attain their level of success by making others feel the way the “successful” person makes YOU feel…

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Excerpts from “Fanaticism”.


Voluntarism and Capitalism.


Excerpts from my fiction.

My poetry.

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Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links).

My working conflict…

I create work that I want to create.

I don’t create work simply for other people’s enjoyment.

If it weren’t for money, I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks of my work AT ALL, but yet, this does not change my work, either, because I do whatever want to do.

So as far as other people are concerned, I only care about money.

I’m happy with everything else.

But how do you reconcile not caring about fans, but caring about money, which is a direct result of fans?

You have to be pretty damn talented and lucky.

I know I’m talented…

And my heart is optimistic about my luck…

So if I don’t care about what my fans think about my work (except for “Thanks”) as far as input is concerned, then what does this mean?

I suppose this simply means that I am internally motivated, and that “money” is what I’m looking for from my audience, as verbal praise makes me uncomfortable enough to stop sharing.

Money is worth a lot more than praise to me…

Praise is good, but I don’t want to write just to get praise, nor do I want to swim in it.

A general feeling of thankfulness will suffice, as well as all of the money they will give me, and then I can get back to work on what I want to do.

I suppose that solves all of these quandaries besides actually getting the money itself…

I suppose luck, as fate would have it, will dictate the course of my financial status, as my whims will be what dictate the course of my expressive creativity, and I never want to create something solely to get paid, without getting some kind of psychic pleasure from my visions, and creating them, and then being done with them, but never forgetting them…

It is very confusing to be an artist


My work.

Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links).

I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work.

A Treatise on Stubbornness.