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More and more people waking up to the inherent injustice of government. History repeats itself.

This is how revolutions happen.

The time to speak out is NOW.

Creepy FBI encounter.


Murray Rothbard.

Voluntarism and Capitalism.

NFL broadcasters: “Steelers fans travel well.”…

I hate it when NFL broadcasters say that “Steelers fans travel well.”

You know DAMN well that all of those fans don’t travel from Pittsburgh.

Hell, most of them don’t even travel from PENNSYLVANIA.

You know that most of those Steelers fans in the Georgia Dome have lived in Georgia their ENTIRE fucking lives.

NFL season predictions.


NBA 2K15 Charlotte Hornets playlist.

Breaking news:

The same shit that was reported fucking YEARS ago if you were paying attention or know how to read.

Excerpts from “Breaking News: Story 2 of the Apocalyptic series”.



More logic.

John Stossel – RetroReport, The End Of The Story.

An early revelation that I had about the news.

The manipulation of interviews by the media is quite frightening.

Of course, it shouldn’t be outlawed.

But other forms of speech must become more popular than the manipulations prevalent within television news, but especially when it comes to interviews.

It’s terrifying.

Our brains are all we have and thankfully, if we lose our mental capabilities or never had them to begin with, there are others that can care for us, although someone has to have the brains in order for life to flourish.


Excerpts from “Breaking News: story 2 of the Apocalyptic series”.

Excerpts from my fiction.

My poetry.

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The two types of people in this world (ANOTHER one).

There are TWO types of people in this world:

Idiots that watch the news, and people that are mentally healthy.

News 1.

News 2.

I have discovered the philosophical root of television “news”

I just imagined this scenario and I died a little bit on the inside (parenthesis are not part of the fictitious conversation. They are my real thoughts about the fictitious conversation):

Me: “I don’t watch the news.”

Someone else: “Why not?”

Me: “Because I can’t process it. It doesn’t give me enough time to think about what is being said because they transition news segments so quickly one right after the other that I can’t process the previous one without missing the next one, so there’s always something missing in this process. And there’s too many flashing lights and banners and graphics that I can’t concentrate on my thoughts about what are being said. It’s as if they don’t care about what I think: they’re just going to tell me what to think and I have to accept it if I watch the news. So then, I watch news programs that tell me what I already believe so I don’t have to think: I can just enjoy the pretty light show. And say that because I turned it to a particular channel that I watch ‘the news.’ But I can never fully process what is being said to me because of the speed and lights that bombard my brain. (Studies show that when you watch television, you are braindead (I’ll try to find a good source for this) and I’ve understood this phenomenon even as a kid, despite the fact that I still watch television (cartoons and sports)). It’s just like an assembly line: they keep moving full speed ahead even if someone is being left behind. You basically have to take their word for everything and hope that they’re telling you the truth but I like to be independent and think for myself before I come up with a conclusion that I think is the best. I think that accepting things that you hear without questioning them, doubting them and testing them is foolish and dangerous for many reasons that are too many to get into right now.”

Someone else: “You’re not supposed to think when you watch the news. You’re just supposed to listen. They do all of the thinking for you. That’s what they get paid to do.”

Excerpts from “Breaking News: story 2 of the Apocalyptic series”.

April 19, 2014.

I’m going to write a piece called “Why I Don’t Watch the News” some day: here’s a small sample of how that might go (I hope it is as elaborate as “I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work” (see the link for that in the post below))

One thing that I’ve learned is that my desire for knowledge was not quenched by reading popular magazines and watching popular news programs.

In fact, the exact opposite was true: it led to confusion.

I guess that is for the simple-minded that can’t pick up a physics textbook and learn it.

It’s very destructive, although making it illegal with the violent state isn’t the solution.

The solution, as are so many other solutions, is a peaceful, intellectual revolution.

Hope and prayer are good ways to to take action if your goal is to get people to learn.

Learning yourself is also good, as is expressing what you think you know, but people make their own choices and decide whether or not they will listen to you, and it’s honestly BETTER that way because the state leads to destruction, ultimately.

(The aforementioned “I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work” mentioned in the title of my post).

January 27, 2014.

Things that I have for sale on Kindle.

Where you can financially support me if you so desire.