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What is so hard to UNDERSTAND about this?!

Murder, rape, pedophilia, etc., are all against the law, and yet people still do these things ANYWAY.

Point made.

Garry’s Mod: Murder playlist.

The logic of lethal self-defense.


More logic.






Voluntarism and Capitalism.


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If you enjoy what I do, please consider financially supporting me, as I have bills to pay, and the less time I have to spend making money doing other things that you don’t care about, the more time that I have to do what you enjoy (if you enjoy it). Thank you.

I’ll fully disclose to you how much I make per thing so you can know what to expect as far as what you are giving to me. Just check the info under each link if you want to know how much you will be giving to me.

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I make 70% off of everything $2.99 and up and 35% off of everything below $2.99. Here’s a link to the the free Kindle app for any device. Be sure to check the top status of my Facebook page or the top Tweet of my Twitter profile to see if I have a “free Kindle story giveaway” going on where you can download the stories that I’m giving away FOR FREE (for a limited time)). Reviews and recommendations are extremely appreciated ❤

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