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A logical extension of liberalism.

“Yo, man? Why does it have to be labelled water? Why can’t we just all label it ‘LOVE’?”

“Yo man, why do you have to call that person gay? Why can’t we just all call each other human.”

My response?

“Yo, man! Why do we have to call everybody human?”

Logically, this is the idiocy that usually results from their good intentions.

It’s a shame, really.




College *shudders*.





Libertarianism and Capitalism.

How Liberals View Science.

Global warming.

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A liberal’s response to Michael Sam being cut from the Rams and periodically not having a team (this didn’t happen to me directly, but I KNOW this has to go through the mind of SOME liberals just based on what they will not fucking shut up about (the ignorance)).

A black gay man was cut from a league that is owned mostly by white men?

I’m sure the liberals are having a field day.

Also, WHY is the NFL mainly men?





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“Equal rights” means “free stuff.”

Having “equal rights” doesn’t guarantee you that you get a job as a woman if a man gets a job as well.

“Equal rights” has to do with the Federal government not creating laws that directly PROHIBIT the hiring of women (of course, this doesn’t seem to be the case with conscription).

Equal rights ALSO doesn’t involve killing unborn babies.

The liberals are killing everything.

“DON’T YOU WANT GAYS TO GET MARRIED, CODY?!” These are the scapegoats that they use to scare people into doing EVERYTHING that they want, including free birth control, etc. etc.



Libertarianism and Capitalism.

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Queers and killers

It becomes a duty to point out wrongdoings.

“Cody, isn’t that self-righteous? You’re a sinner too, you know.”

Does that mean if someone rapes or murders one of your family members that we do nothing about it?

“Yeah but Cody, that’s murder and rape. That’s different.”

How do you feel about homosexuality? Are you going to “let that one slide”, or are you going to send those queers to Hell?

(I know some liberal is going to misunderstand my point here. I bring up that point because homosexuals are pretty much the scapegoat for everything: mainly, conservative self-righteousness. My point is just because we are all sinners doesn’t mean that we don’t need to point out some evils within the world and take action, such as murder and rape. I don’t put them in the same category. Even though I know that homosexuality is a sin, I myself have had homosexual fantasies that I made myself feel guilty about in the past because of religion, but not because of this, I do not think that you can put homosexuality, a consenting act of peace and pleasure between two adults, in the same category legislatively, ethically, and any other category you want to put it in with the emotional scarring and non-consent that rape is, or the painful, violent brutishness that is murder.

It doesn’t matter that they’re all sins in the eyes of a perfectly holy being: there can be no equitable comparison between the three in the eyes of man other than accepting that they are all sins, but not putting them all in the same category as far as legislative punishment goes.

As far as religious condemnation goes, we’re all sinners, so we can’t condemn actions based on that fact unless we condemn them for harming others, which rape and murder do, but which homosexuality does not. That can be our only “religious” condemnation: religious in the sense that we love each other which, ironically, is our greatest commandment.

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June 24, 2014.

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This was a PSA that ran when John Stossel was in college lmfao

My experience with intelligence is similar to the way gay people express their experiences *waits to be screamed at by liberals*, and philosophical inquiries that no one cares about

I wish that intellectual endeavors (some articles here and here) were more popular.

It seems like gay marriage is on everyone’s mind, but quantum mechanics, computer science, philosophy, physics, engineering, video game design, and a potentially infinite number of other things are pushed on the back burner, while gay rights are at the forefront.

Sadly, people are so passionate about this subject that they will condemn me when I deserve no condemnation.

However, people are how they are, and the only way to change them is to either coerce them or persuade them.

I wish that more intellectual endeavors were undertaken, and that is my existential persuasion, even though I look at history and know that I will never be in the majority.

However, I can take solace and surround myself with those that appreciate what I care about the most, just like the gay community does, while approaching the axiom that somehow, we should all care about the exact same things the way that I decide to approach it.

I certainly understand how homosexuals feel guilt and shame and anger at those that won’t accept them, and I imagine not being accepted for valuing intelligence (a part of me that I identify with that I cannot control, nor do I want to control, much like homosexuality) and I empathize with them.

But the crowd that screams at me “You don’t know what it’s like to be gay!” is dangerous.

Although I would agree with that, I don’t think that automatically disqualifies me from trying to empathize with another individual.

People (just think of liberals within the black community, especially) that scream at someone for trying to empathize with another individual are very dangerous and evil indeed, and are pursuing their own agenda at other people’s expense.

If being intelligent is who I am (much like being gay), what I identify with (much like being gay), my intelligence is misrepresented (much like sexuality), my intelligence is attacked with religion (much like sexuality), I’m in a minority based on my own personal experiences (much like many of the homosexual community), family and friends don’t understand who I am (much like being gay) nor what I care about (much like gay rights), attempts to dissuade me, while based in fact, often miss the point because most of the time, dissuasion occurs when you are speaking up against the agenda that they are supporting, regardless of whether or not it is just (just look at how some blacks react with anger when whites try to voice their opinions, empathize with blacks or suggest things and then they are automatically screamed down, often not peacefully (how we understand and define justice is a deep issue in and of itself)).

Although I do not want to discuss illogicalities within the modern liberal politicalism (I can do that in other pieces later), I do want to suggest simply that intelligence is something that I wish more people had, that was more valued, that was more prevalent, that was more celebrated, that was more understood, that was less vilified, that was less misrepresented, and that just existed more ALL OVER the spectrum.

I certainly understand that if you are gay, and trying to suppress it, do what other people wanted you to do, feeling guilty about it because of what people say, how they react to homosexuality, figuring out how to deal with it religiously, maybe even being physically abused because of it is not an easy task, and I commend those that are able to go through with it and voice their experiences to a younger audience that are going through a similar experience. I have no problem with that.

However, I have a problem with this being the only thing that is pushed (some people will attack you if you say that you care more about other things, such as physics, etc.; it’s similar when it comes to rape, world hunger, and other things that liberals support (which is a common theme with liberals), and although I agree that the causes are noble, there are many, many problems in modern liberalism that I’ll get into eventually) and the way that it is presented most of the time.

I think that women, blacks and homosexuals within liberalism, while although women have legitimate gripes, blacks have legitimate gripes and so do homosexuals, too often the problems that they create are ignored for a blind stampede of good causes, and then the tables are turned where the ones that initially wanted understanding despite their opposition are now becoming the opposition to understanding, and this must be brought to the attention of as many people that are willing to listen.

In summation, I understand how rape is a real problem, and I understand men and women raising rape awareness, pursuing justice of rapists, etc. etc. However, to think that every person on the face of this planet can put all of their time and energy into these things first of is fallacious, because that means that there are other endeavors that will suffer (food production, medicine development, etc.) if everyone’s time and efforts are all spent on raising awareness about rape.

This is the main gripe that I have with modern liberalism (among other things that I’ll discuss in later articles).

Some people would rather work in a hospital than be at a feminist rally. I don’t think that’s condemnable, and I think that’s honorable.

The point of this are those that will scream that we need to spend every single ounce of energy on this cause, which will cause detriments in other areas and other needs that people have.

So how do we decide what people are going to do?

Even relating this back to myself, how do I get people to join my cause if I’m saying that not all causes, at least in their applications, despite their intentions (or even if their intentions are good, there are other reasons) need to be pursued all at once?

Good question.

This is where “persuasion” comes into play.

It’s not guaranteed, and every single cause in the world uses it.

And causes are very important to individuals, and rightly so.

However, it is impossible for one person to be a hospital worker, a research scientist, a farmer, a school teacher, and every other industry that people need at once. Therefore, decisions must be made, and some actions must necessarily be excluded. If two men are dying, a wide distance apart from one another, you may only be able to help one and not the other, despite your best efforts.

I certainly wish that there were more that were into intellectual endeavors, but I can only persuade someone to join my cause realizing that their individual desires and resources factor into their ultimate decision.

So in summation, there are many good causes out there that are extremely important, and arguments can be made all across the board about which causes we should support (how we go about that process is a different matter), but ultimately, people will do what they want to do, as they should, and I am simply saying that I wish more people would pursue intellectual endeavors, that’s what I enjoy pursuing, I don’t think that we should all pursue the same causes because that would come to the detriment of other important causes because of our limitations of time and resources (not to mention the satisfaction of individual desires), and the ultimate question is that of our existence: desires, why they exist, what they are, what they mean, and the same questions of actions.

The ultimate answer to me is that desires exist because they are good, actions exist because they are good, and good just exists, which cannot be put into words. I know here people will say “Life doesn’t exist because it’s good: it just exists“, but I disagree and think life exists because it is good and because existence is good. That doesn’t mean that bad doesn’t exist, but I think that good exists simply because it is good and bad exists in spite of the good, but bad is not the purpose, whereas good is the purpose of existence.

May 17, 2014.

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