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2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

Murray Rothbard – Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays.


“Modern Scholarship”

Vex not Thou the Poet's Mind

is a freedom farmer’s best friend;

it is a steel tractor
that hums like
a singular chorus of
multi cultural
multi voices.

One day,
The farmer’s fields were littered
by legalistic

So blades plowed through the crops,
severing chains and superstitions,
a smooth hair cut
that made one feel
the natural breeze
much better.

The farmer turned the tractor’s key
to shut off its engine.

It didn’t stop.

It kept plowing.

It crossed the mind’s boundaries,
scything and scything,
till it reached the farmer’s

and when it leveled the people,
one by one,
heads fell on the ground,
blood fertilized the corn.

the farmer asked his good intentions
But he never got a response.

There is no centre

is a freedom farmer’s best friend.
A nightmare machine.

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Men and Women: Another Difference

A very entertaining read. Wait. I mean, this woman is pointing out perceived differences between the biological sexes. I’m triggered.

A Holistic Journey

I deserve flak from my female cohorts. As a young adult, I never got the I-AM-WOMAN-HEAR-ME-ROAR hullabaloo. Why Oprah and devotees, TV shows, and pop culture rattled on about the woman with all the balls up in the air, exhausted in the attempt to satisfy diverse roles. Then I got married.

And became a mother.

The breadth of the tasks in my day-to-day, not to mention the depth, is such that I actually forget a lot of what I do. It is a great much, the littlest things one tends to as a mom.

I tore out a page of our calendar for you. I usually do more lessons, and doctor visits obviously are not a regular affair. But this day was typical in the way it packed one activity right into the next:

Dental checkup 45 minutes away
Brief playdate
Return: traffic
Math lesson

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Limp Bizkit liberalism.

Gender neutral pronouns are just a waste of time.

Just a bunch of he-said she-said bullshit



Gay stuff.

Anal sex.


One thing I’ve noticed about equality and sexuality.

You know, there’s a lot of hypocrisy on the part of women.

A lot of girls my age act “holier than thou” when a guy says he’s horny, but yet many women are upset that they can’t express their sexuality like men do.

Um, if you want sexual “equality” then you kind of have to let guys express their sexuality as well.

If you don’t want to be treated as a princess and want it to be “socially acceptable” to be a whore, then you kind of have to have the same expectation for men if you want “gender equality.”

And sure, if men want to fuck around, they have to accept the fact that women are going to want to do that, too. And if men do it and think it’s gross when women do it, then they have to expect the same thing to be said from women.

All I’m saying is that no one seems to be talking about the sexual hypocrisy about women having the “right” to express their sexuality, whereas men doing it makes them “pigs”, etc.

Do I get horny? Yes. Do I want to fuck hot girls? Absolutely. Do I find whores attractive? Absolutely not. But I also am not expecting girls to think I’m some type of saint, either.

But that’s the attitude that women on the Left are adopting, and it’s a little bit absurd.

Either accept the fact that you’re a whore or change your ways.

I’ve relished in my depravity for a looooooooooooooooong time, and it’s time you stop with the charade, women, and embrace whatever the fuck it is that you’re trying to get men to respect you for. There are some obvious ones, but other ones are more difficult to define, as you can see here.

What makes me sexist?

Things that apparently make me sexist to people my own age.

Things that I have for sale on Kindle.

Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

Opposite-intended effects from Leftism.

It’s kind of sad that now when the Left calls someone a racist or a sexist, more often than not, they objectively aren’t.



Voluntarism and Capitalism.