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Henry Ford on fractional-reserve banking.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

The Federal Reserve in 5 minutes.

Murray Rothbard – The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar. (I’ll try to remember adding more Murray pieces after I finish them).



The Pope is a liar.

Catholicism is not good at all…

So much torture involved, just to make money

Just because people should have the legal right to partake in the exchanges of money and empty promises doesn’t mean that the empty promises should be free from the vitriolic criticism that they so God damn deserve…


Free Will Contradictions.


Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church.

( . )( . ) $$$

“I have tits. Now give me money.”

– women

God bless “free” countries…

Thank God that I live in a “free” country, where if I don’t give a group of people pieces of paper who have the power to print an unlimited amount of said pieces of paper, I get a gun pointed to my face, and get physically forced into a cage for an extended amount of time.

God bless “freedom”…

Paying Taxes Should Be Voluntary.


Voluntarism and Capitalism.


“‘Money’ is just a figment of our imagination……………………………………………………….but gold can’t be money. And neither can anything except for government-issued paper currency.”

I find it odd that many people that say that money is just a “figment of our imagination” (which is kind of true, but it’s still necessary for practical purposes that many of these people don’t realize), don’t seem to understand that anything can be money, and it doesn’t have to be the almighty American dollar…

This is important because they recognize that money only has value because we say it does, but suggest to them that gold (or anything else, for that matter, including seashells (as historically has been the case), etc.) can be money, and they don’t seem to apply their previous logic that money is just a “figment of our imagination.”

Why can’t they piece 2 and 2 together?

Cognitive dissonance from the Left…

And from the Right, too.




Voluntarism and Capitalism.

No matter HOW many times the difference between politics is economics is stated, it’s NEVER going to be accepted by the majority.

If I could send you to jail if you didn’t buy hamburgers at the price that I wanted to, or if you didn’t buy as many hamburgers as I wanted you to, do you think I would supply you a very good hamburger?

Or let’s put it this way: one the one hand, I can use violence against you if you don’t buy my hamburgers at the prices that I ask, and also if you don’t buy as many of them as I want you to.

On the other hand, I cannot.

Under which circumstance do you think higher quality hamburgers are going to be provided?

Or let’s put it to you another way:

If I’m willing to use violence against you for not buying my hamburgerswhat makes you think that I will even create the hamburgers at all, and won’t just take your money anyway WITHOUT providing the hamburgers?

This is the political and economic forces at work.

Some will say “Cody, you can’t compare that to government, because government provides police protection, the roads, and the military.”

Obviously, they’ve never read a history book and understood it, so why even explain to them history and try to explain to them why it could have occurred?

Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Paying Taxes Should Be Voluntary.