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Yep, I think I’m better than everyone else, alright…

It’s going to be hard for me to be completely honest with people, and stand up for myself, and express my individuality and remain firm in it.

But I suppose that just makes me like everyone else…

Intellect Equals Cockiness?



A Treatise on Stubbornness.


Psychiatry and measurements…

How exactly do you measure how “overinflated” one’s ego is before you classify it as “overinflated”?

Where are these scientific evidences as far as “measurements” of “how much is too much”, except for the opinions of “doctors” based on no scientific facts beside the fact that they agree with a set of other “psychiatrists” that a particular set of behaviors, seen among more than one human being, are simply undesirable traits to have according to these “experts”?

This isn’t to say that no human beings can say things which are true, however they come to these conclusions, and that other people can’t follow in their footsteps and preach the Gospel of that truth.

However, this psychiatry business is a little bit fishy, if you ask me.

We’re treading on human nature vs. positivism territory, here…

There’s just something different about philosophy and, say, psychiatry.

I think it has a lot to do with how little pride philosopher’s have, while these “scientists” (charlatans), much like most economists, have a Messiahlike sense of pride about them which the philosopher knows is doomed to absolute failure

When someone presents information in the name of “science“, there is an absolutism attached to it which is relevant to actual science, but that alone.

And it is difficult to determine what is an actual science and what isn’t (sometimes).

People are very gullible, however, and many mass movements are created by people with dishonest intentions, and carried on by those with honest ones…

It’s very convoluted to figure out who is telling the truth or not.

No doubt, one must start thinking about religion when one reads that statement…

But, alas…

Onto the palette-cleansing comedy

Here it goes…

Are you ready?…

Here it comes…

Here it is…


“I’m afraid I’m not fully equipped to handle this discussion at the moment.

Must be because I’m not a doctor…

Like some other people I know…”

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Intellect Equals Cockiness?

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Einstein and grandiosity.

Einstein was always right about what he was right about; he was never grandiose, no matter what anyone else thought




Intellect Equals Cockiness?


Narcissistic, bipolar grandiosity.

Perhaps you think me a narcissistic, grandiose, bipolar state of mind.

But I’ve seen enough popular logical contradictions to think otherwise.



I’m happy.

Isn’t that what you preach to young school children on your television PSAs?



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