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My controversial opinion over the racial slur used for black people (I use the word)

Never has a word been so feared as “nigger” is in today’s world (at least not to my knowledge).

Not “rape”, not “murder”, not “war”, not “MAD (mutually assured destruction)”, maybe “cancer”, “pedophilia” is high up on that list, not “death”, not “infidelity”, even “bankruptcy” can’t come close.

I honestly don’t understand it.

I get it: it was a racial slur used against slaves.

There are no slaves around now (keep reading before bitching).

I don’t understand why we’re still angry about this word over 100 years after slavery ended.

I get it: you couldn’t buy things, get a good job because of the color of your skin, and you were horrifically and violently attacked. All because you were black. I GET IT. I get how that is racism.

I also understand how you were called “nigger” as a form of inferiority, so I could understand why people are still upset at that word.

However, to physically attack someone simply for using the word within different contexts seems to me to suggest that race relations haven’t improved in that regard since the discrimination in the middle of the 20th century.

For the word “nigger” to incite such anger as to push one to violence is a little absurd to me. Maybe your family has told you stories about that word, and the people that used it being abusive. Maybe you were called that and beaten up pretty badly by white kids. Maybe people spat on you while calling you that word. Maybe your family was called that after they moved into a new neighborhood and their house was burned down. I get it: I understand how the word “nigger” is associated with extremely heinous crimes.

However, the retaliation by some in the black community is unjustified.

Reparations are simply absurd. I didn’t own slaves, I shouldn’t have to pay you anything for history. That’s simply unjust extortion.

Being called a “nigger” is no excuse for a violent outburst (Marcus Smart: I’m still not certain that he was called one, but I digress). It’s called being the bigger man and walking away. Pretty simple. I know it might piss you off, but if you can’t control your temper, you’ll probably end up in jail after you assault someone (claims that I am being racist here because I am talking about blacks and “jail” in the same sentence are part of the problems that I am discussing in this piece). Are people assholes? Yeah, sure. Are there still racists in the world? Absolutely. (People that just hate you because you’re black, and they just teach it to themselves inside of their own heads. That’s a form of ignorance that I will discuss when I discuss ALL forms of ignorance in other pieces, as soon as I get my thoughts together on the subject). But is fighting everyone that even says the word “nigger” the solution? That’s how you get people just sitting on their haunches, waiting for the moment that someone says the word so that they can attack them, and that honestly doesn’t make things better.

What do you do when someone calls you a nigger with obvious hate? You just have to walk away. You might not like my answer, but that’s the only good one. If they try to harm your family, defend your family. If they try to destroy your property, defend your property. But being called a “nigger”, or any other name for that matter, isn’t justification for beating the fuck out of someone, and it never will be.

I use the word the way that want to use the word. I use the word because I think NO word should be off limits, and NO word should make people THIS terrified. I have heard the word used in racist ways COUNTLESS times, and I didn’t really like it. I have seen people with hate in their eyes talk about “niggers”, and it makes me uncomfortable. I’m not just saying this to “get on your side.” I’m just telling you how I have felt when I was around someone whose entire existence seems to be around hating “niggers.” This isn’t for you to give me sympathy: this is to tell you what real racism is (I understand that I’ve never been beaten because of my race. However, how am I going to contribute to any conversation about race if only the people who have encountered the greatest of injustices are allowed to speak? Obviously, they know what it is like more so than I do. I’m not saying that they haven’t. But a “conversation” means that multiple sides are heard, and if I can’t explain to you my history of race, then we no longer have a conversation, and that’s typically a good way to get people to leave your cause. Just saying), that I’ve been around the racist attitude (I’ve never been beaten, but I’ve heard what it is), and how I really feel about it. I don’t really care if you accuse me of “just trying to justify my own racism” or something like that. I’m just telling you my own personal experiences. I really hated it, always have (despite the fact that I tell jokes that may be called “racist”) and I don’t like the fact that people are hated simply because of the color of their skin. It’s really stupid, and I’ve never understood it. However, NO word should be off legal limits, and NO word should incite you to violence. I’m sorry, but you just have to be peaceful if you want to make a statement.

I understand that I’m not black. I understand I’ve never felt what black people feel about that word. However, NO word should incite you to violence, and no word should be off of legal limits. These are my only positions that I’m defending. They are the only positions that I will EVER defend when it comes to the word “nigger.” Violence should not be used in reference to this word, whether it be a white man attacking a black man simply because he’s black, a black man attacking a white man in retaliation for being called this word, or the state using violence against people that use this word because of it’s illegality (if it ever comes to that). I’m fine with people talking and discussing the word, and whether or not we should use it. Peaceful talk is fine. However, violence is always unjustified, and I don’t think that any word should be illegal, even if it makes people uncomfortable. You’re free to leave if you don’t like something, and that’s the way it should be. But retaliating with violence just because you don’t like something that wasn’t violent towards you is irresponsible, reprehensible, evil, and unjust, regardless of what was said, what its history was, or how it made you feel. Perfection is impossible.

I’ve grown up around racism at an age when I was too young to know what it really was. I personally love stereotypes. I don’t think that any stereotype is completely based on falsities. There is a difference between a stereotype and a completely false statement. For instance, to say that no black man is smart enough to be an astrophysicist because there are some unintelligent black people in the world is a false statement. Neil Degrasse Tyson (one of my favorite people in the universe. Hahahahaha) is one of the smartest people on the planet (haha), and he’s black (I know here, someone will say “Cody, you can’t just say that you like some black people and everything is alright.” Let me ask you a question: what is the point of your anti-racist crusade if not to get black and white people to be friends? Is it to get paid something? That’s extortion, and unjust. Is it to completely eliminate racism? That’s impossible because we aren’t perfect, and therefore, we can do nothing perfectly: even just causes. Is it for people to feel the same pain that you have felt? First of all, I always hear that that is impossible, so why would that be your goal? Second of all, why would you want someone to feel the same thing YOU felt if it was so bad for YOU, simply for the sake of them being able to contribute to a debate in a way that you see most fitting?) There are COUNTLESS numbers of VERY intelligent black people, both alive today and throughout history (“Cody, there are still victims of racism today.” Yes, but how is it not getting better? It was getting better even before the Civil Rights movement (keep in mind, blacks went from being SLAVES, physically beaten, starving to death, etc. to not being allowed into public places. Better, even though there was still violence perpetuated against blacks during the Civil Rights movement. I would argue that it was still getting better because I think that slavery was so much worse), despite the fact that it was still undesirable. Why can’t we admit that things are getting better?)

Likewise, there are unintelligent black people, unintelligent white people, and unintelligent people of every race.

However, is it racist to say that Mexicans like tacos? Even if any particular person of Spanish descent doesn’t like tacos, is it still racist to suggest that typically, Spanish people like tacos? Are examples where this isn’t the case justification to say that the majority of Hispanic people don’t like tacos? Why were these stereotypes (observations) made in the first place? Were all of these drawn out of thin air, with none of them based on any truth whatsoever? That just seems absurd and foolish to me. I will write more pieces in the future further delving into stereotypes and my opinions about them, but I think that stereotypes typically have a basis for their existence that we don’t consider, and I think that they may have more meaning than we realize when we get on an emotional moral crusade.

I have heard that the word “cracker” originated from the fact that a whip was cracked upon the slaves. So when the word “cracker” is used today, it had to have had its origin somewhere. There typically aren’t any white men whipping black men and women today unless it involves consensual sex. So why is the word still used? Well, its history created the word, and it is still used in a racist way today (racism can be perpetuated against any race, and without acknowledgement of this fact, we aren’t improving anything). I know that whites didn’t go through what blacks did (even though blacks weren’t the first slaves in history, but I digress), but are there differences in racism between the races? Is black racism worse than white racism simply because of history? Isn’t that racist itself? Isn’t it racist to say that one race can experience racism more so than another simply because of the color of his skin? Does a history of black slavery discredit any form of racism against any white man in today’s world? Does the fact that slavery was so heinous give blacks an excuse to be racist against whites? Does THAT improve race relations? If we really want to treat races equally, then this must be a part of our equation in our discussion.

Is it impossible to be racist against a white man because of history? I understand that black racism throughout America’s history truly can’t compare to any racism that any white man (or even any minority, for that matter) may face in today’s world. However, how long are we going to continue to bring up slavery if things are obviously getting better? To make a claim that it is impossible to be racist against whites racist. As I previously stated, black racism was much worse, and as I’ve repeatedly stated, I’ll never be able to experience what black slaves experienced. And neither will black children growing up today. But if we are talking about racism, we must include ALL races in this discussion. You can only talk about how bad black slavery was for so long before it starts losing its meaning. When you only talk about that, and you don’t talk about all forms of racism, you miss out on a lot of things. And why do we talk about slavery, anyway? I understand it is a part of history, and it’s good to learn about history. But what are we doing with it today? Trying to make up for past wrongdoings? How? And why do white children born today have to pay the cost for their ancestors? Isn’t it racist to assume that white kids today should make up for a history of slavery to the black children that were born on the same day that they were? What are we really doing with all of this racial discussion anyway? 

Yes, racism comes in all colors, and no, I admit, that most racism experienced today doesn’t compare to the racism that was experienced by blacks throughout American history. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t racist, and to suggest that racism can only be perpetuated by whites is simply racist, pure and simple. I understand that black racism throughout history has been incomparably worse than any racism that any white person has experienced since then, but if we want to discuss racism, we must discuss racism, and not just slavery. To simply talk about slavery is a different matter, and it isn’t simply about racism because racism involves all races. Once again, we must ask ourselves what our purpose is in discussing these issues. I’m merely trying to find facts instead of relying on emotion and good intentions. Making whites feel guilty for a history of racism that our ancestors perpetuated on your ancestors doesn’t do anything to improve race relations, pure and simple. We weren’t THERE.

I’m not saying this so that you feel pity for us whites (necessarily), because we’ve been assholes all throughout history. I get it. However, that doesn’t mean that current generations of whites can’t experience racism any less than can any other race (even if it’s a minority). I’m simply stating that if we are going to discuss racism, we must discuss it as we discuss every other area: from a rational, logical basis, which includes the fact that racism is not only perpetuated by only one race, despite the fact that some races have experienced it more severely in recent history than others, and if we are going to talk about race in a productive manner, we must do so peacefully and logically, or else, our entire purpose is doomed to fail, and therefore, what is the purpose of discussing the matter?

Tacos are a food of Spanish origin, are they not? (If they aren’t, let me know). If they aren’t of Spanish origin, they have certainly been adopted by the Spanish community throughout history, have they not? Therefore, is it “racist” to correlate Hispanics with tacos? I’m not saying “I hate them because their skin is darker than mine.” THAT is racism. But saying that historically Mexicans have liked tacos isn’t inherently racist. I would argue that it’s true, otherwise, it wouldn’t be given down from generation to generation. This is where people misunderstand what racism really is. Is it racist to say that black people are better athletes than white people? Typically, any stereotype that seems to benefit your group in some way isn’t disputed: it is only those things that show a sense of inferiority that cause problems. Once again, there is a difference between a stereotype and a false statement. My theory of stereotypes is that simply they are statements made from observations, much like ANY science is: you observe something enough times, and you make a conclusion, despite the fact that there may be some outliers. This does not inherently cause racism, or sexism, or any other type of hate. Saying that blacks are typically better at basketball than whites is not a hateful statement, therefore, why is it called racist? Is pointing out any differences between races, that are typically observed more often than not, without any malicious intent or hate racist? That to me suggests that we don’t really know what racism is, which is an ignorance problem, which is one of the problems that I am more than likely going to dedicate my life to.

There are ignorant, black, white, and of every color, and those are the ones that are going to attack me the most. It’s sad, but true, and something I spend all of my time thinking about, but sadly, I have no answer, but I’m willing to accept what will happen to me in order to get this message out.

The message of this post is simple: no words should ever incite one to violence: anyone that retaliates with violence is a fucking pussy and should be thrown in jail (claims that I am saying black people deserve to be in jail are part of the racist problems that I’m discussing in this post).

Being called a “nigger” is no justification for violence. I don’t mind discussions about the word, I understand the hate that is experienced because of that word (I don’t care that I’m not black, how do you expect anyone to help you out if you constantly just repeat that “You don’t know what it’s like to be black”? When you don’t let whites discuss the issue, but rather control the issue, you have not created a discussion about race, but rather you are now telling whites how they should feel about themselves and about blacks, which isn’t how a true discussion works. Whites told whites and blacks how to feel about blacks and whites during slavery, and it never ONCE created a peaceful discussion about the issue), but my position is that no word should be off legal limits, and no word should incite violence. That’s the only reason that I ever use the word “nigger”: to engage discussions about these subjects.

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