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Jordan Peterson on Nazism and Communism (tribute video)

This video is really, really fucking good.


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I’m Terminating My Relationship with Facebook (or at least Greatly Reducing its Capacity)

If you have read some of my pieces, you know that I am an extreme guy. I write dead baby jokes, rape jokes, and stories about serial killing in great detail. Although I’ve explained this a little bit, I thought that I would further develop and elaborate on this part.

I am not going to apologize for the style that I am attempting to elaborate to you. I will try to explain myself, but not defend myself if I can help it, meaning trying to convince you of something.

I am just going to tell the truth.

Let me first begin by telling you a joke, and then I will elaborate on this:

“It was a GOOD idea for Hitler to bake Jews alive.”

If I truly MEANT this statement, then I would agree with you that I would be a terrible person.

But the FACT that apparently, most people don’t understand this REALLY shows the ignorance of most people.

I can’t believe that I have to SAY this to get people to understand it, but obviously, I DON’T MEAN IT.

Once again, the fact that people think that I am serious REALLY provides no hope for the human race, but those people are NEVER going to listen to me, so I’m not writing to them (or maybe I am).

So why would I say such a thing?

If I HONESTLY meant that, that WOULD be insane.

So why would I say this?

I think I finally know the answer to this.

My life is about discovering truth, and often, emotion gets in the way of that.

I FIRMLY believe that THIS is the message that I want to get across, and why I fantasize about being in a comedy club and saying “I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to rape women!”

I guarantee you, 99% of the people in that club will want me thrown out.

So why would I say it?

To ILLUSTRATE this CRUCIAL passion of mine that the general public would rather RUN with emotion instead of finding out the truth.

I am exposing emotionalism, because exposing truth is my greatest passion.

I WILL receive death threats, no doubt about that.

I may get locked up, have stuff thrown at me by the general public, but ALL OF THIS is why I’m DOING this, and they are just proving my point.

It is worth it to me to expose irrational, illogical fear.

I FULLY welcome murderous, rape-related or pedophiliac accusations, because I have nothing to hide.

The cops can tear everything that I have apart, and the only “evidence” that could be found against me would be fabricated.

Whether I’m exposing injustices within the “justice” system, preaching the holiness that is truth itself, raping emotionalism or raising awareness, the consequences are WORTH it to me because my cause is righteous.

I will try to refrain from ever defending my character to keep these discussions going, and yes, all of this is worth it to me.

That being said, I will be attempting to move somewhere that will be COMPLETELY uncensored.

If that means that I have to start my own website, I will.

But I CANNOT be silenced.

The truth is too important to allow incompetent people to blasphemize it.

And because of THIS, I will talk about killing babies and then raping them.

I’m well aware of the repercussions I could face because of this, but my causes that I have stated above make it worth it to me, and because of that, I will be leaving Facebook (not deleting my account, but just not posting on it anymore).

I will move wherever I have to to get this message across.

I look forward to receiving your hate.