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Freedom of Association and Moral Objections

Freedom of association may be the most beautiful aspect of liberty and a free society.

Liberals want the KKK and Black Panthers to be forced to live together, for equality and tolerance. Libertarians say that the KKK can meet, and as soon as they harm someone or their property, they are in trouble, and the Black Panthers can meet, and as soon as they harm someone or their property, they are in trouble. When you try to use law to legislate morality, what you really are doing is forcing your viewpoint onto someone else. “Being racist is wrong, so we are going to throw you in prison until you change.” Well, that may sound good. But what you have done is said that you can throw someone into prison for their beliefs. You have said that you can be thrown into prison for racism. This means that only a CHARGE of racism is enough to warrant imprisonment (meaning that you must fight it in court, and hope that you don’t have a liberal judge ruling on your case, especially if you are white, or hope that you don’t have a racist white judge if you are black or another minority).

So what is racism? Who decides it? What about false charges of racism? It creates a whole host of problems. If you have your property damaged, it’s pretty easy to prove. If you harm someone or kill someone, it’s relatively easier to prove than being accused of being a racist or sexist.

We don’t believe in freedom if we do not defend what we find despicable. We must ask ourselves what we are willing to imprison. I’ve posted something about this before, so I’m not going to repeat it. But the fact that you find something despicable cannot warrant an arrest, because you’ve set a precedent for someone else to arrest you for something they find despicable: i.e. gay marriage, consensual sexual sadism, certain reading materials, certain religions, etc. If we are to make things illegal simply because we find them morally objectionable, then all sorts of religions are going to be banned, certain consensual sexual acts will be banned, certain words will be banned (imagine going to jail for saying the word “fuck”, or paying a fine). Moral objections are simply not enough to warrant illegality.

So other precedents must be set that warrant what should be legal or not. Can you steal my car and have nothing done about it? Or kill me? Or harm me? Or rape me? What else needs to be done?

Some people would rather have atheism, homosexuality, sexual sadism, and all sorts of other things warrant imprisonment because they find it morally objectionable. Well, what if someone else has different morals than you? Are we do use moral objection as our definition of law? What do you do when you aren’t the one in charge, and someone finds Catholicism morally objectionable? Or snake-charming churches morally objectionable? Or watching football on Sunday morally objectionable? Are we to cater to their whims?

June 28, 2013.

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