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Jordan B. Peterson on 12 Rules for Life

This is a really good talk. But it’s also Jordan Peterson, so that’s no surprise.


“The Candle”

Soul candle. (Not really related).

Vex not Thou the Poet's Mind

“Does that boy know
of the flame that never dies?”
wondered the pastor.

With his godly, holy, perfectly
staunch voice, he told the boy
“My son, do not light the candle,
lest your house burn down
and you sit in ashes,
being abandoned by your flame.”

The boy,
trusting the pastor,
who always had his house lit righteously,
sat in his house,
no candle lit,
maybe happy.

Yet one day,
someone else,
lit the candle;

and the light of that candle
warmed his home
with a dreamy warmth;
oh how it glowed!
The only thing he
seemed to see
was how it lit
his furnishings.
He even thought it could
give light to the soul.

But there came a time
when the flame did rage,
just like the pastor said.
His house did burn down,
enveloped by fiery zeal;
the boy sat in ash,
fearfully wondering
if he had…

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Men and Women: Another Difference

A very entertaining read. Wait. I mean, this woman is pointing out perceived differences between the biological sexes. I’m triggered.

A Holistic Journey

I deserve flak from my female cohorts. As a young adult, I never got the I-AM-WOMAN-HEAR-ME-ROAR hullabaloo. Why Oprah and devotees, TV shows, and pop culture rattled on about the woman with all the balls up in the air, exhausted in the attempt to satisfy diverse roles. Then I got married.

And became a mother.

The breadth of the tasks in my day-to-day, not to mention the depth, is such that I actually forget a lot of what I do. It is a great much, the littlest things one tends to as a mom.

I tore out a page of our calendar for you. I usually do more lessons, and doctor visits obviously are not a regular affair. But this day was typical in the way it packed one activity right into the next:

Dental checkup 45 minutes away
Brief playdate
Return: traffic
Math lesson

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Fuck you.

I did not realize that when I was younger, considering how cynical I was, that I would become even more cynical as I got older.

But I’m extremely content with that.

I hope cynicism continues to grow within my personality.

I want to be more and more independent…


Offend the Fuck Out of People.

My nature.

The Reason that I Don’t Talk to People.

How to understand what women are saying.

Women speak their own language called “maambiguity”.





Sexy lady.


Gay stereotypes: bad.
Neckbeard stereotypes: good.
Logic: what’s that?

Liberals don’t use logic.



More logic.

I’m becoming a man… An ADULT man!!!…GODDAMMIT!!!!!!

I’m willing to take the risk that you’re right if it means that I believe what I want to believe…



A Treatise on Stubbornness.

Intellect Equals Cockiness?

Highly Sensitive Mind.


More logic.


Growing up.

Offend the Fuck Out of People.