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Jordan Peterson on Nazism and Communism (tribute video)

This video is really, really fucking good.

Why am I so blessed? Or have I spoke too soon?

I can’t recommend enough that people study economics. It has taken over my life, for the better. It is the ultimate red pill. Governments make sense when you study economics (if you’re studying the right places). It makes revolutions all the more understandable, and is truly frightening in making you realize that, very likely, you may be involved in a revolutionary war in your life time, or a political prisoner, or subjected to the whims of your “rulers”, whatever they may be. “Constitutional protections” are flimsy when the rulers just……….you know, ignore them. The ultimate answer is an education. That is truly profound. The battle between good and evil never ultimately ceases. We just, thankfully, get some breaks from it every now and then. Peace, of course, is preferable. But smart people know that evil people won’t hesitate to use evil to achieve their means. It is crucial that people be willing to accept their natural right to defend themselves.

It is already known that the Enlightenment changed the world. And such a relatively short period of time ago. But as government gets more and more involved in education, these truths become lost. We mustn’t let the little kiddies ever believe that they have a “right” to ever disobey us. This is why the warning bells have been signaled ever since America’s FOUNDING. The debate over the structure of the government. Thankfully, America was founded upon a rebellion against tyranny. The Enlightenment changed the world. Americans are the products of the Enlightenment. It truly makes one want to study world history, and see if America really was the first “free land”. Ireland, apparently, was “free” for a millennium. That’s astounding. History is full of revolutions. Now, more than ever, I am interested in studying world history.  I finally no longer have my fingers in my ears while I sing “Our God is an awesome God” every time the subject of world history comes to my attention. The same for other subjects as well (thank God).

Many Americans have a “Revere” spirit. We still remember why America became a nation. And at least some of us still understand that this is always relevant. “Revolution” is not simply “historical”. It is always an option. Many Americans understand this, but sadly, more and more refuse to accept this truth. More and more, people become less skeptical of “leaders”. They refuse to believe that America could ever become, say, a North Korea. That type of attitude whittles away the revolutionary spirit that founded the nation. It is a very scary trend. The reason economics is so crucial to this cause is because people will ask, for example, what happened in 2008? Why did I lose everything? They look for answers. Their political leaders always offer them the solutions. And many of them listen, and believe the leaders. Even the most elementary glance at history shows the ultimate “conclusion” of government control. Americans are skeptical of this. “Wait a minute: weren’t we founded on a rebellion against government? Wasn’t that what the Enlightenment was all about? Something fishy is going on here. What am I missing?” The answer is economics.

……….Of course, educating oneself in other areas would help as well. I’m getting around to educating myself on world history. Currently, I’m too involved with economics to do both. You have to have a structure when learning. That, really, comes down to the individual student.

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Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty.

Is that right?

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No matter HOW many times the difference between politics is economics is stated, it’s NEVER going to be accepted by the majority.

If I could send you to jail if you didn’t buy hamburgers at the price that I wanted to, or if you didn’t buy as many hamburgers as I wanted you to, do you think I would supply you a very good hamburger?

Or let’s put it this way: one the one hand, I can use violence against you if you don’t buy my hamburgers at the prices that I ask, and also if you don’t buy as many of them as I want you to.

On the other hand, I cannot.

Under which circumstance do you think higher quality hamburgers are going to be provided?

Or let’s put it to you another way:

If I’m willing to use violence against you for not buying my hamburgerswhat makes you think that I will even create the hamburgers at all, and won’t just take your money anyway WITHOUT providing the hamburgers?

This is the political and economic forces at work.

Some will say “Cody, you can’t compare that to government, because government provides police protection, the roads, and the military.”

Obviously, they’ve never read a history book and understood it, so why even explain to them history and try to explain to them why it could have occurred?

Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Paying Taxes Should Be Voluntary.


Political History

I don’t know that much about German political history, but I wouldn’t be surprised of America goes down the Nazi road.

America is heading towards more and more government, with more and more promises being made by politicians, and more and more people voting to elect people that will take away their freedoms and the freedoms of others, as well as bombing innocent people and cheering about it. There are no words to describe that injustice.

The only thing that can save this from happening is America’s tradition of freedom being taught to the younger generations, and the valuing of freedom (at least on some level) being taught and ingrained in others, where people are taught not to trust the government and to question it.

If this attitude remains the majority over voting to give the government more and more power in exchange for handouts, then maybe we can avoid the path of Germany. Maybe our founding and traditions can prevent another Nazi Germany.

But if the pendulum continues to sway in the other direction, then it will become an uncertainty.

I don’t know if Germany had a tradition like America’s and still voted to have it removed from them, but hopefully, that’s enough to keep America from receiving the same fate.



Anarchism and Capitalism.

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