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More and more people waking up to the inherent injustice of government. History repeats itself.

This is how revolutions happen.

The time to speak out is NOW.

Creepy FBI encounter.


Murray Rothbard.

Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty.

The goal of liberalism is to mute people. And it’s deadly.

The goal of liberalism is to make it absolutely illegal for anyone to hurt anyone else’s feelings, and that can only lead to death in the end.

Because that means that the freedom of speech must be changed, and that must mean that ultimately, only one viewpoint can be allowed.

And if people speaking don’t eventually be quiet when it’s against the law to speak out, they get killed.

And thus, we have the description of history.

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Truth, proving what is already true, more “typical, conventional, societal advice” about “the right thing” that doesn’t make any sense, religious moralism and trying to abide by God’s laws (and inevitably failing), the moralist mindset of living by rules because God says so (or morals say so), why use the term “defend” the truth if it is inevitably true (what are you defending it against?), things for their own sake that lead to nothing, the illogical nature of sin: destructiveness for its own sake (that we are slaves to), and the nature of reality.

Cliches are true, but often they aren’t applied correctly (I originally said “oven.” Grammar fail. OFF TO THE GAS CHAMBER!)

When you live your entire life attempting to live by cliches, as I did growing up, you will always fail. Because the cliches are ALREADY true: it isn’t something that you have to “work toward”, a term religious leaders use to describe ways in which to make things happen that are already true.

This is the inherent problem with typical societal advice as I see it, as well as modern religion, and anything where you are attempting to live your life “the right way“, by codes of rules, etc.: you are attempting to “prove” and “make true” what is ALREADY true, so you’re kind of missing the point of the truthfulness of it.

It is kind of pointless to repeat what is already known. For example, trying to convince yourself that “God is in control” by repeating it over and over and over. For one thing, if you truly believed it, why are you repeating it to yourself so often? And second of all, if it really is true, why are you so worried about defending it? Why are you so worried about defending what is already true? If God is infallible, why are you “defending” Him? Because “defense” seems to suggest that there is a possibility of it failing. If there isn’t, then what does your “defense” mount to? Why do you say that God is perfect and can do all, and then suggest that we, as humans created by Him, must defend Him? It doesn’t make any sense. That is what I am talking about. It is just as illogical as killing for its own sake. It’s a desire that is had, true. But what does it really accomplish? Nothing, really. You cause someone some pain, they either end up in Heaven or Hell (your murder wouldn’t have changed that), and then you have to avoid capture. What does all of that mean? It means that the action itself was illogical: it didn’t accomplish anything. The nature of sin and destruction is that it is illogical: it doesn’t do anything but destroy, and it is illogical because in the grand scheme of things, it can’t win. It is POINTLESS to do so because ultimately, you WILL lose. However, this is where we become slaves to sin: we do it anyway, and I think that because it is destructive, God hates it, but because we are slaves to it, God has mercy on us and forgives us and loves us.

That’s about as ontological as I can get at the moment.

Morality and Love.

Free Will Contradictions.

Truth, and why it’s not logically inconsistent to say that many religious that say they are “defending the truth” are wrong.

The Apparent Conflict Between God’s Sovereignty and Human Action.

January 11, 2014.