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Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder Parody


“The Hypodermic Needle”

A walk, to clear the mind
And the stomach

Flooded with emotions

Of the past,
Both dark, and bright

A reminder, of the good,
And the dark

Upon reflecting the good,
A hypodermic needle, on the ground

A somber reminder
Of the times

Of the memories,
And the sympathy

And the guilt

But still, trudging on
Full gullet, full heart

A mind full of memories,
And a much welcomed perspective

Old, and new
Combined into new

The darkness, now light
The light, still there

Trash, once treasures
Imagination, now reality

A thankfulness, and lamentation
Of days gone by…

But an imagination renewed;
A productive imagination

Bigger than ever


It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for morbidly obese people.

It honestly disgusts me.

It only bothers me, however, when you have to get a motorized cart to shop around at Walmart.

THAT pisses me off.

I don’t have anything against fat people, however.

But that level of fat that prevents mobility is infuriating…

I don’t feel sorry for those people who are the product of their own life decisions…

Free Will Contradictions.

Offend the Fuck Out of People.


To the People that Say “You Can’t Judge A Book by Its Cover”.

Don’t you sometimes wish that your mouth was bigger so that you could fit more food in it?

Do you?


Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”.

Fat acceptance. (Yes, I’m fat…)

I find it funny how the feminist movement is critical of people who view women with “vain” eyes, and yet it:

  • constantly posts pics of Marilyn Monroe and talks about “healthy” body weights; how modern models (not to be confused with the History channel show) aren’t at healthy body weights (as if “health” is the ultimate goal here), but at the same time will preach that “big is beautiful”, which is, essentially, a message of putting one’s subjective view of “beauty” over health…

In other words: putting their view of vanity above health.

Good ol’ hypocrisy

It’s just plain ol’ goddamn fat acceptance, really.

Nothing else…


The birth of feminism.

“Voluptuous” was just a word created by some fat queen in history who wanted to justify her own heart disease by blaming it on men and condemning them for caring “only about sex.”

And thus, feminism was born…