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Murray Rothbard on sports.

“Of all areas of life, sports should be the arena least touched by politics. For the glory of being a sports fan is precisely that we are engaging in fun and play, that we are permitted to be ‘irrational’; that is, to be Yankee or Mets fans, to love our team and to hate the enemy, without having to ground these passions in systematic, moral or metaphysical theory. So it is particularity obnoxious when the gaggle of left Puritans invades and takes over the field of sports. Which they have done, of course, with a vengeance.

The Hate Thought squad has run rampant in sports for years. Veteran and respected sports figures, such as Al Campaneris and Jimmy the Greek, have seen their careers destroyed because they gave one politically improper answer to an interviewer’s question. No one dares even explore whether or not the answers were correct; their very expression is a hate-thought-crime; unlike other, seemingly graver, crimes, from their punishment there is no reprieve.

I like to think that sports writers are above politics’ that sports and only sports fill their minds. But now, they too have succumbed, and are, in fact, viciously leftist whenever politics is deemed relevant to sports.”

The Irrepresible Rothbard pdf.

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Why am I so blessed? Or have I spoke too soon?

I can’t recommend enough that people study economics. It has taken over my life, for the better. It is the ultimate red pill. Governments make sense when you study economics (if you’re studying the right places). It makes revolutions all the more understandable, and is truly frightening in making you realize that, very likely, you may be involved in a revolutionary war in your life time, or a political prisoner, or subjected to the whims of your “rulers”, whatever they may be. “Constitutional protections” are flimsy when the rulers just……….you know, ignore them. The ultimate answer is an education. That is truly profound. The battle between good and evil never ultimately ceases. We just, thankfully, get some breaks from it every now and then. Peace, of course, is preferable. But smart people know that evil people won’t hesitate to use evil to achieve their means. It is crucial that people be willing to accept their natural right to defend themselves.

It is already known that the Enlightenment changed the world. And such a relatively short period of time ago. But as government gets more and more involved in education, these truths become lost. We mustn’t let the little kiddies ever believe that they have a “right” to ever disobey us. This is why the warning bells have been signaled ever since America’s FOUNDING. The debate over the structure of the government. Thankfully, America was founded upon a rebellion against tyranny. The Enlightenment changed the world. Americans are the products of the Enlightenment. It truly makes one want to study world history, and see if America really was the first “free land”. Ireland, apparently, was “free” for a millennium. That’s astounding. History is full of revolutions. Now, more than ever, I am interested in studying world history.  I finally no longer have my fingers in my ears while I sing “Our God is an awesome God” every time the subject of world history comes to my attention. The same for other subjects as well (thank God).

Many Americans have a “Revere” spirit. We still remember why America became a nation. And at least some of us still understand that this is always relevant. “Revolution” is not simply “historical”. It is always an option. Many Americans understand this, but sadly, more and more refuse to accept this truth. More and more, people become less skeptical of “leaders”. They refuse to believe that America could ever become, say, a North Korea. That type of attitude whittles away the revolutionary spirit that founded the nation. It is a very scary trend. The reason economics is so crucial to this cause is because people will ask, for example, what happened in 2008? Why did I lose everything? They look for answers. Their political leaders always offer them the solutions. And many of them listen, and believe the leaders. Even the most elementary glance at history shows the ultimate “conclusion” of government control. Americans are skeptical of this. “Wait a minute: weren’t we founded on a rebellion against government? Wasn’t that what the Enlightenment was all about? Something fishy is going on here. What am I missing?” The answer is economics.

……….Of course, educating oneself in other areas would help as well. I’m getting around to educating myself on world history. Currently, I’m too involved with economics to do both. You have to have a structure when learning. That, really, comes down to the individual student.

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An Amateur’s Thoughts on “America”

Americans don’t care about the world or world history because we’ve already done, in 200 years, what it took millennia for the rest of the world to start doing, and they still haven’t even caught up yet.

I’m only half joking.

Why was America known as the “Land of Opportunity”? Why is America known as such a “melting pot”? What other countries were known as “melting pots”? I’m sure there has had to have been others. How much of the rest of the world was a “melting pot”, and who made up the “ingredients”? How “diverse” were they? I don’t believe that America is known as a “melting pot” simply because we scream it louder so that people believe it. There has to be some truth to it. People have come here from all over the world: the question is: why? War-mongering politicians have corrupted the phrase “American exceptionalism”. They have hijacked it and perverted it. But there’s some truth to the idea of “American exceptionalism”. There’s truth to the phrase “greatest country in the world”. America is a product of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Historically speaking, they occurred right after the other. This has bode exceptionally well for us Americans.

There’s certainly a significant stain across American history, mainly in the form of slavery. Also, of course, “Native Americans” are described as “Natives” for a reason. But I have a feeling I’m missing out significant information regarding the mix between Europeans and Native Americans. Something tells me my government education has left very significant facts out of the picture. I’m skeptical of the common account of “history”.

But the Industrial Revolution occurred very early on in America’s history (when you compare the histories of other nations, and how long it took for them to undergo an “Industrial Revolution”). The impact of the Industrial Revolution cannot be understated. This combination of the rebellious “Enlightenment” coupled with the Industrial Revolution has created a sense of superiority within Americans. Honestly……….considering these two factors, it’s justified. Of course, America’s flaws should be pointed out, past or present. But us Americans know why we feel superior to the rest of the world. It is because we were fucking lucky. We’ve had it better than everyone else before us. We’re happy about that fact. Our history is one of rebelliousness, particularly of government, and of capitalism. This was, for all intents and purposes, our birth. We didn’t have centuries of history before this. Granted, we can look at those people that moved here, and trace their histories back to countries with rich histories. But we identify as Americans. The world sucked for a very long time, and we got extremely lucky. Our life was one of extreme fortune. For us, America is truly when history starts.

I should do more research on the Enlightenment thinkers and the historical capitalists that have made America what it is today: where they were from, etc. Something beyond the superficial “history” that I learned in school.

The “world” is a whole nother matter entirely.

The point is that world history is a complicated subject.

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty.





More and more people waking up to the inherent injustice of government. History repeats itself.

This is how revolutions happen.

The time to speak out is NOW.

Creepy FBI encounter.


Murray Rothbard.

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Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty.

“The Garlic Journal” Announcement

Now is as good of a time as any to announce “The Garlic Journal”: a parody of “The Onion” that reads more like a personal opinion piece. Basically, I intend “The Garlic Journal” to be joke articles where I take extreme positions that I don’t honestly believe for comedic effect (or for satire). “The Garlic Journal” is intended to enrage and get people laughing (or, more importantly, thinking, if they are actually capable of it (which I am not anticipating to be the case most of the time. At least I’ll get a good laugh out of it all)). Basically, a more extreme version of what I already do.

I already pretend to be a monster on Youtube. I plan on continuing this, and trying to work on getting better with video (but it will be a slow process). The writing will be similar to that. I plan on writing joke articles in defense of pedophilia, racism, and political assassination, to name a few subjects. I hope that my human right of free speech will be protected. It is quite scary. The more oppressive the United States government becomes, the more terrifying it, obviously, is. And, based upon the way the current political climate feels among the citizenry, this trend is going to continue. Political correctness and statism are leading America straight towards totalitarianism, and it remains to be seen if the diligent minority will be enough to keep the Republic from collapsing completely. But, nonetheless, I am going to write joke articles. I’m going to express my natural human right of free expression. I hope that people will support my right, even if they hate my sense of humor.

And, for the love of God, I hope that no one finds out where I live, and that some maniac decides to try to kill me, as I know will be the case someday. I fully expect to end up like Larry Flint; or, at the very least, Martin Luther King Jr. Is it worth it? All I can say is that I feel incomplete without it. There’s a part of me that deeply wants to do this, in spite of the risks involved. There’s something about expressing your rights freely in the face of dangerous threat. It’s perhaps the most exhilarating feeling there is.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

We mustn’t let the evil people win.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” – Patrick Henry, March 23rd, 1775.

Offend the Fuck Out of People.


The wickedness of mankind has been discussed since mankind’s creation. There are historical words of far more significance than mine here will ever be. And yet, I still feel a desire to write them. Expression is a therapy. Even as an introvert, generally disliking people (especially listening to them), for some reason, I feel a desire to write these words, which will be read by others. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes, it’s impossible to understand. It is difficult to know where to begin. For one, there are multiple types of wickedness. There are different perspectives about it. Perspectives within perspectives. Where does one begin? I guess I will begin just by stating the sense of hopelessness that wickedness produces within me.

When I was a child, I was introduced to the concepts of “evil” through religion and through television news. Both of these, around the same time, molded my mind view. I was immediately given a sense of hopelessness about the world. The news broadcasts of murder, rape, theft, etc. that abounded made me feel like the world was a terrible place. And then, sermons discussing how sinful that made us all made me a level even sadder. The world is evil, and we are doomed because of it.

What a fucking way to grow up…

My response to this was terror. For one, I was afraid of all of the murderers out there (I still am to this day: probably more fearful of them than most). And, of course, I was afraid of going to Hell. It was my DUTY to condemn all of the sinners out in the world. But, according to the religion I absorbed, I was also a sinner. We were all guilty. And we needed to ask for forgiveness.

What a terrible fucking way to grow up……

The problem with asking for forgiveness (at least within the context of the environment in which I grew up) is that you can never accept it. There is a perpetual guilt trip that is had over one’s wickedness, and one can never move on, and experience relief from that guilt and fear. So people live in fear and sadness at their own wickedness, and that is a tragedy. It is a tragedy that self-described Christians can’t trust that Christ died for their sins, accept it, and move on. My heart goes out to them, and I look forward to growing stronger in “the faith” as time goes on.

But even as a self-professed Christian, I can’t help but feel a sense of hopelessness about the world. I suppose I’m not so different from the doom-and-gloom naysayers of today (certain types of whom, I abhor). Perhaps it is just within my nature to be pessimistic. (I’ve already planned a future article going into further detail about my pessimism). With the childhood memories that I have described to you (not in vivid detail), combined with other pretty much traumatic childhood experiences, it is obvious to me why I am so pessimistic about the future. Despite the fact that she may read this, and despite the fact that she may still try to contact me about it, guilt trip me about it, avoid accepting the responsibilities of her actions, etc., a child can only sit out in the yard at night, waiting for their mother to come home, only for them to come home momentarily, then leave again, before they give up hope. I suppose that’s all I want to say about that at the moment, besides fuck her, and I’ll write about this some other time (once again, I’m sure she’s reading this, but I’m sure she’s going to deflect from her responsibility: and even if she doesn’t, I don’t want to hear what she has to say right now).

So now that I’ve given you some (extremely personal) backdrop into how my perspective developed, you shan’t be surprised at what else I am going to say. All around me, I feel hopeless. I feel hopeless particularly when I observe politics. I feel hopeless that historical words are ignored (even though I’m not a large reader nor student of history). I feel a sense of hopelessness when I see politicians praised Messianically (even though I love Ron Paul). I feel a sense of hopelessness at my own contradictory nature, at the ignorance of majorities, of the corruption of politicians, at the wars they create (that large numbers of citizens support). All around me, there is justification for hopelessness. And that hopelessness, I feel.

Many religious words do not bring me peace. It’s no wonder, considering the torment they put me through for many, many years. I do not care much for religious words anymore, nor religious people. I do not care for the “yeah, but” moralists, who seem to think it their duty to provide to you things they think you haven’t thought of, but which are things you’ve thought of more deeply than they know. All around me, there are problems. The repetition of ideas that circle around. The ignorant level discussions remain at. The sense of moralistic self-righteousness upon the part of millions. There’s a lot to be hopeless about. (And that isn’t even considering “less wicked” things to be hopeless about, such as finances, etc.). There’s not a lot to look forward to on this Earth for me. A “wife and kids”, which many men are happy with, doesn’t interest me. A higher paying job doesn’t (necessarily) interest me. So much of the advice that people try to give to me doesn’t apply to me. And it’s hard to do things by yourself: particularly when you have such a sense of hopelessness about the world as I do. (If you feel like shit: good. I’m glad). All around me are things that don’t work for me. All around me are people eager to give me their inapplicable advice. Their “yeah, but”s. It truly is exhausting, and helps exacerbate that sense of hopelessness that I feel, introduced more than a decade ago.

Most of the religious perspectives about evil are absolute garbage. Particularly of the “free will” variety. Nothing provides a sense of hopelessness quite like free will baptism (except, perhaps, extreme poverty in a war-torn third-world country). Despite the fact that someone could say the same thing about my despair, the anxieties that come with religion are excessive, unnecessary, destructive, crippling, and, worse of all, in my opinion, depressing.

The only thing that has saved me is entertainment. The only thing that has saved me from this religious, observance-of-evil induced funk is entertainment. Making myself laugh. It’s all I’ve got to save me from crippling depression. It’s a bit terrifying to me that, at least to me, I sound a bit like Robin Williams. But at least it is terrifying to me, so that I don’t want to go the route he did. I am horrifically depressed at the world, and the only thing that can help me with this is occupying my time with things that do not produce that depression within me (so avoiding people is an ABSOLUTE MUST. I kind of hope that eating isn’t my coping mechanism of choice right now, as I’m consuming more “donut sticks” than are unhealthier than unhealthy).

In some ways, it’s no surprise that my sense of humor is so dark. If my perspective developed the way it did into what it did, and the only thing that makes me happy is entertainment, and few people can truly entertain me, then it makes sense that, as I said, I must make myself happy, produce entertainment that makes me happy, and, of course, the entertainment that makes me happy is going to be the entertainment that most applies to me; and me is that dark, depressing youth that I grew up in, what I want to save myself from, and what I use to actually do it with. So I do feel a sense of joy when I bring others down. I want everyone to know that the world at least can be a really, really shitty place. I think many know that, but not enough do, in my opinion (nor to the right degree: although it could be argued that at least they’re happy, and not depressed like me), and their stupidity and ignorance of evil just allows for evil to flourish all the more. It is important to me to make other people aware of evil, and of course that is going to “bring them down”: particularly if they’re ignorant. But it’s all for a good cause, in my opinion. Awareness of evil is the only way to bring it to justice.

So what I do is make myself laugh, try to be smart, make other people believe I’m funny and smart, and try to get them to give me money so I don’t have to do pretty much any other job which I believe will be shit. Doesn’t matter your suggestion: it’s shit. Regardless of what career advice you give me, if it isn’t a combination of writing, comedy, and video…it’s shit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article that will fade into historical obscurity, and will have no influence on your life whatsoever, when after the 15 minutes that it took you to read this, you will never think of this, nor me, again……

(For those of you interested, Stefan Molyneux has some interesting things to say about forgiveness).

Here’s my best friend’s opposing viewpoint on hopelessness.