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Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall Parody

I don’t need no education
I don’t need no self-control
The dark sarcasm in the writing
Teacher: “Read your books at home”
“Hey!” Teacher: “What’d you read at home?”
All in all you’re just another shitty author
All in all you’re just another shitty author

If you don’t write your words, how can you be a writer? How an you be a writer if you don’t write your words?


Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty.

Murray Rothbard – Privatize the Police

Read the article on lewrockwell.com here.

It is a MUST READ.

Murray Rothbard.

Even more Murray Rothbard.




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Why is it that we always think public programs are less expensive than private programs?

Why is it that we think only a certain amount of property should be had by all, instead of keeping what has been justly earned?

Why is it that we don’t understand that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Why is it that we continually fall for the tricks of politicians?

Why is it that we put so much faith in politicians?

Why is it that we don’t understand the natural tendency to get away with what we can?

Why don’t we understand what competition is?

Why is it that we assume that industries are going to collude against is, and that NOT ONE COMPANY will come in and undercut them, thus providing us lower prices?

Why is it that we attack financial success without realizing that if person A has paid person B, that person B deserves that money, regardless of how much money person A has decided to pay them?

Why is it that persons B-Z want to tell person A to spend his money on the poor that person B-Z has given him, but persons B-Z will not pool their own money together to help out the poor?

Why is it that we are entitled to someone else’s money?

Why is it that we believe that we can tell other people how to run their businesses? Why is it that we can tell them what to produce and at what price they should produce it?

Why is it that we scream and preach freedom, but we want the tyranny of the majority to destroy every business owners right to his own property, freedom of association, and free market principles?

Why do so many people hate, and misunderstand, the free market?

Why is it that we trust a government education to teach us about the free market when these two institutions are diametrically opposed?

Why is it we suck the government’s dick, but then complain when they start ejaculating into our mouths more than we like?

Why is it that we trust the most powerful institution known to man, give them almost everything of our own free will (at first), then when they start taking more, we complain, not realizing that if we have a problem with government, the ultimate law of the land (the government), has no incentive to fix it if it already has us under its power?

Why is it that we don’t understand that a citizenry is what gives a government its power?

Why is it that we don’t understand why revolutions in history have occurred?

Why is it that we don’t think it can happen to us?

Why is the truth attacked so fiercely?

Why are there so many misunderstandings that are ultimately going to lead to misery?

June 13, 2013.

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