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Public Service Announcement

Here is my response to the blog post below (I have a sneaking suspicion that the author of this post will delete my response. As someone who has done this myself, I think I am justified in this belief. The response is as follows).

“They are mere shells of life eaten out by years of existence in a mechanized society where their energies, from their youth, have been subjected to the wills of bosses, to the deadening prod of identical external stimuli, and been used up in serving ends quite outside themselves. Now they are tired. There is nothing that they want to do — nothing that reflects any thought, or will, or quest, or direction of their own. They seek only relief from their boredom. They want only to be entertained.” I can understand that argument from one point. Yes, work is monotonous, and it sucks the soul out of individuals. But, to put it bluntly, “that’s just how it is”. There is no other alternative because there are no other effective ways to get the needs and desires of humans met. Whether you use your hands, a shovel, or a tractor, food must still come out of the ground, and it will take a certain amount of time, and specific weather, to grow. Whining and complaining about it is a crucial tool to get through the grueling monotony of what is necessary to keep life alive. But I get the sense (perhaps unfairly) that you are a communist. Once again, that could be completely unfair of me to make that judgment. If you are suggesting that life sucks, and are complaining about it, I’m right there with you. But the reason I sense communist sympathy is talk of the “mechanized society”, “subjected to the wills of bosses”, etc. I’d be interested to hear what your alternative to this situation would be. I’m not trying to be rude, but I would guess communism.

Also, sure, maybe we, as hunter-gatherers, weren’t “bored”, as we had to constantly be vigilant of the predator that would kill us. But is that somehow more “noble” than sitting, being bored, and watching television? Why does digging with a shovel make one more “noble” than using a tractor? Why does having an “easier” life make one a worse person? I don’t agree with that argument whatsoever. I certainly agree that television is garbage, and I lament at the brainlessness of it all. Is there something to be said about the average television watcher? Absolutely. They are condemnable on many fronts. But using that to attack “mechanization” or “bosses” is quite silly. Blaming “mechanization” and “bosses” on taking away ambition from an individual is ridiculous. The individual is not “forced” by “mechanization” or “bosses” to be unambitious. It is the “fault” of the individual. Maybe the caveman that hunted for food with a spear was more “ambitious” than the average television watcher today, but that is of little importance to me. To make a comparison equating “labor exerted” to “nobility” is ludicrous. Today, we may seek only relief from our boredom, but our ancient ancestors only sought relief from a constant, imminent death that was around them in more forms than we will ever experience in our entire lifetimes.

“And everywhere it drives men’s own thoughts and judgments out of their heads, deprives them of the condition for getting any thoughts or judgments of their own”. There’s certainly some truth to that. However, many people are limited intellectually. It is a tragic reality. How to “educate” them? Are they “educable”? Perhaps not. If not, we must lament, with our “live and let live” philosophy. We can critique all we want, but what else can we do? We should not be allowed to capture them, against their wills, and read them the greatest philosophical works ever written. “Live and let live” seems to be the only solution, accompanied by a fierce critique to anyone who will listen, if the parties so desire.

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It’s sad that so many liberals that give PSAs about bullying use that tactic for their own agendas.

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A PSA by Cody Alan Reel

I’m willing to accept legal consequences of my actions to prove a point:

That people, government officials especially, are too hypersensitive when it comes to words.

I’m saying this now just in case a Federal agency ever comes knocking on (down) my door saying that I’ve raped someone because of a rape joke that I’ve told, or something of the sort.

I’m willing to raise awareness that people are too hypersensitive when it comes to words. I understand that there are crazies out there that will say “I’m going to go bomb x” and then go do it, but that doesn’t mean that you can prosecute everyone’s words just because they say the same thing, especially if it is for satirical purposes or for comedy’s sake.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t find it humorous: arresting people for what they say is dangerous, and it does nothing to deter real crime.

I understand that being threatened is not a good thing. However, I’m willing to bring awareness to the line between comedy and satire and an actual threat.

People in today’s world have become too afraid. They’re too afraid of being labelled something, and they need the all-powerful government to protect them from everything they find deplorable.

This includes dead baby jokes, rape jokes, etc.

This trend is only pounced upon by the politicians that sit like ravenous wolves, ready to gain more power.

The people that want the government to baby them soon become slaves to that government, despite the fact that somehow, the absurd thinking that this won’t be the case is prevalent among the minds of fools.

I’m well-aware that certain people can make points without being so extreme, but it is not in my nature to do so, nor do I wish to change it.

I loathe people that look to get upset and offended at every little thing, especially when they get law involved, so I rape their little feelings and let them get upset but in the end, what they do matters little.

The point of this is that people have become too goddamn afraid and they are looking towards the wrong “solutions” (government) to fix them, so I am going to rape them until they actually understand that even though words have the power to hurt, or scare, or whatever the case may be, we need to be logical and understand that a dead baby joke is not a rapist; that jokes are not real, even if they scare people and even if not everyone understands the humor.

This is my only goal: to keep freedom alive, even if it means making people extremely uncomfortable and potentially causes me to face legal actions down the road.

This is just what I believe in, and this is what I am going to decide to do at this point in time, whether I regret it later or not.

June 25, 2014.

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This was a PSA that ran when John Stossel was in college lmfao