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Title for a joke with no spoilers (this is going to be increasingly hard to do…)

Man: “Doc, I have a problem.”

Christopher Lloyd: “What’s that?”

Man: “I’m only attracted to lesbians.”

Doc: “Back to 1955!”


Gay stuff playlist.

Gay stuff playlist.

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Queers and killers

It becomes a duty to point out wrongdoings.

“Cody, isn’t that self-righteous? You’re a sinner too, you know.”

Does that mean if someone rapes or murders one of your family members that we do nothing about it?

“Yeah but Cody, that’s murder and rape. That’s different.”

How do you feel about homosexuality? Are you going to “let that one slide”, or are you going to send those queers to Hell?

(I know some liberal is going to misunderstand my point here. I bring up that point because homosexuals are pretty much the scapegoat for everything: mainly, conservative self-righteousness. My point is just because we are all sinners doesn’t mean that we don’t need to point out some evils within the world and take action, such as murder and rape. I don’t put them in the same category. Even though I know that homosexuality is a sin, I myself have had homosexual fantasies that I made myself feel guilty about in the past because of religion, but not because of this, I do not think that you can put homosexuality, a consenting act of peace and pleasure between two adults, in the same category legislatively, ethically, and any other category you want to put it in with the emotional scarring and non-consent that rape is, or the painful, violent brutishness that is murder.

It doesn’t matter that they’re all sins in the eyes of a perfectly holy being: there can be no equitable comparison between the three in the eyes of man other than accepting that they are all sins, but not putting them all in the same category as far as legislative punishment goes.

As far as religious condemnation goes, we’re all sinners, so we can’t condemn actions based on that fact unless we condemn them for harming others, which rape and murder do, but which homosexuality does not. That can be our only “religious” condemnation: religious in the sense that we love each other which, ironically, is our greatest commandment.

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Offend the Fuck Out of People.

June 24, 2014.

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Not the first message about my offensive comedy, but just another one because I want to write it down to an absolute science (if at all possible), and considering how much I love knowledge, theories and the blackest of comedies, my life’s work will be a perfect match for me (raping dead babies. I mean, what? Writing, of course (about the dead babies))

It’s always nice when you can understand those personality traits that are most intrinsically you, that really are what you enjoy, and just what you are on the most deepest of levels.

For me, those levels are understanding everything as much as possible, having an insatiable desire for curiosity and intelligence, being funny 100% of the time, and being 100% honest.

Of course, those things are often misconstrued as being “a know-it-all”, “not being serious enough”, and “not having tact”, as well as some psychopathic accusations that I’ll always face, but I’m hoping to just get the bravery to steam right ahead in what I want to say and just not care about those that don’t “jive” well with my own personal desires.

The funniest comedians are the ones that aren’t afraid to say ANYTHING, because to them, everything is a big joke and they can find humor in ANYTHING, and you’ll laugh if you aren’t delusional.

A lot of these moral uptight faggots are just miserable, trying to be perfect, etc. etc. and that’s why the vulgar comedian has them beat.

He’s happier than they are, he’s having more FUN than they are, and I would argue on one level that they are HOLIER than they are. Not in the sense that we aren’t all sinners, but just that I think that the vulgar comedian has life by the balls more so than your uptight moralist.

They’re more connected with the universe on a much, MUCH more deeper level, because they aren’t superficially worried about their appearance or appearing as an infallible religious leader, dedicated to God.

I’m basically going to offend everyone when I say this (Offend the Fuck Out of People) but most of what those people value doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Their righteous misery don’t help them out one bit, and the people that are relaxed are the people that got it and have it made.

That’s all for now. I feel like I could write 2000 pages right now but I don’t want to sit and think about this any longer, and I’d rather just publish it on the net anyway.

I’m ready for this journey and I embrace all of the vulgarity that I can stand.

I just hope that I can deal with all of the vicious hate that I’ll receive, and at some point, I’ll have my own theory as to why I am this way, but all I’ll say for now is that I’ve never diddled any little penis (at least not one that was underage), I have no desire to, I have no desire to have sex with anyone underage, I have no desire to stab someone in the throat, fuck them, and then shit on the carcass, or anything like that.

My biggest life’s work (at least when it comes to writing) will be about this subject, the theory of dark comedy, etc. etc. but for now, I’m just going to work on defending myself, staying true to myself, and just enjoying the whole experience and not worrying about anything.

THOSE are my biggest goals right now.

January 11, 2014.