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“The Ghost That Always Haunts”

I don’t like sharing my thoughts about my depression, because people just get so nosy, but because I don’t want people to speculate, and because I think this is a good poem, I wrote this preface.

Conceived and completed in about five minutes, to brag.


Introduced in my youth
You never went away
Except for those momentary gleams
On a sunny day

I thought that I was crazy
And I wanted to die
Because of the way you made me feel
On the inside

I thought that you would go away
As I started to age
And that what other people said was true:
That it was “only a stage”

But here I am, a little later on
And you’re still here
To different degrees along the spectrum
The specter I’ve always feared

I want to face you on my own
No help from a ghost hunter
Even though the ghosts from my past
Hunt me down for slaughter

Only God knows how it will end
I know it will go away again
Some tears will fall
And that will be all
Until we meet again

A dark suicide joke…

You never know what’s going through someone’s head until a bullet does…

Excerpts from “Dark”.

Offend the Fuck Out of People.



Papa Roach – Last Resort Parody.

Funny (and sad) pussy…

The funny (and sad) thing is, being funny (and depressed) doesn’t get you more pussy, funny enough (and sadly).

#RobinWilliams ?

Women (reader discretion is advised).