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Philosophy is pointless.”

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“Deviance” assignment for a sociology class that I took back in 2011 (3 years ago. Holy shit).

Below is my assignment on deviance, both in prompt and in response. (P) will symbolize prompt, while (R) will symbolize response. (I just want to point out before you start reading that my biggest fear is being inconsistent and a hypocrite, but this tells me that I never change in many different ways, and I’m extremely thankful for that).

(P) We have been discussing deviance and how what is considered deviant depends on a number of factors. Fully discuss a deviant behavior which you have done in the past (do NOT discuss a FELONY or on-going abuse). Then answer the following questions (the questions are A-E; R is my response to this initial prompt, and (R-A, R-B, etc. will be my responses to these questions directly underneath the questions themselves).

(R) Something that I do constantly that is considered “deviant” by society but is very normal to me is not listening to everyone’s viewpoint on a subject. Not everyone has a valid argument for their point of view, so if I can tell how a debate is going as it starts, there’s no point in continuing the debate because nothing I say is going to get some people to understand what I’m saying. I’m not saying that I’m not for debate, because I am, but sometimes certain people or certain arguments don’t provide the opportunity for an actual debate. I also don’t wave to strangers because I don’t want to. I’m “deviant” in that case constantly. But honestly, not everyone is worth talking to or debating with or waving to. Some people won’t understand what you say no matter how many ways you say it, so why debate or even talk to them “for the sake of giving everyone equal chance?” It’s sometimes pointless. The same way with greeting people “superficially.” Why fake a wave you aren’t feeling?

A) Who would consider this deviant and who would consider this normal? Include what TYPE of person would and would not consider it deviant (in other words, list some demographic characteristics of a person who would consider it deviant—such as race, age, gender, religion, etc.—and a separate list of characteristics of someone who would not consider it deviant).

(R-A) People that I think consider this “deviant” are rednecks or people that don’t understand depression, or people that don’t understand coherency. People that would consider this normal are the unfortunate souls to whom this happens a lot and probably a lot of depressed people. Generally, the age doesn’t matter as to who considers the fact I don’t give everyone equal opportunity to debate (look at the Republican debate: should Mitt Romney REALLY be allowed to speak? There are a lot of “Mitt Romney”‘s out there.) Someone who would not consider it deviant are the people that I would consider my best friends. There really isn’t a demographic difference except a lot of older people (like people old enough to be my parents), extroverts, people too stupid to REALLY think about things think it’s deviant.

B) How would those who think it is deviant explain why this behavior is deviant? How would those who think the behavior is NOT deviant explain how this behavior is normal/natural?

(R-B) Because “you’re supposed to do it”, “it’s friendly.” Bullshit. Listening to an idiot talk about things and having to explain EVERYTHING you think to someone isn’t “the way you’re supposed to do it” when you can walk away and save yourself the trouble. I’m not saying you can’t teach people, but when you get overloaded, it’s best to just walk away. People who wouldn’t think it’s deviant are people who are smart like myself who understand how stupid people and extroverts pester people like me constantly without giving me (and them) time to postulate a valid response or comeback.

C) When would this behavior be considered deviant and when would it not be considered deviant? In other words, in the past would it be more or less likely to be considered deviant and why?

(R-C) I think it is considered deviant in the South and no where else (only PARTIAL joke there). Sadly, I think it WOULD’VE been considered more deviant than it is today and the “it’s deviant” factor is already irrationally high.

D) Where would this behavior be considered deviant and where would it not be considered deviant? In other words, would a big city be more OK with it or would a small town be more OK with it? What types of places (church, high school, etc.) would consider the behavior/issue normal versus deviant?

(R-D) It would be considered less deviant around friends, around smart introverts, and in larger cities. I think it’s (sadly) considered deviant in any public place in the South.

E) Finally, give your opinion of the behavior. Do you think it is deviant? Do you think the behavior should be allowed? Why or why not?

(R-E) The behavior is completely rational and anyone that thinks it isn’t, I’d like to greet them with a punch in the nose if they want a greeting that badly. It absolutely isn’t “deviant”, although the vast majority of society tends to wave and hear EVERYONE out. I’m simply NOT one of those people. I listen to some people, but not ALL like a lot of people do or think you should do. It should always be allowed to anyone that wants to take my viewpoint. Let the wavers wave to each other: not me. There’s no point in “banning” being standoffish when you don’t know why that person is doing it in the first place without judging them.

(I was 19 when I wrote this, just fyi, because I like to show off my intelligence at such a young age, I might as well accept my personality and my intelligence is a huge part of it, and for fuck’s sake, it’s GREAT fucking marketing).

October 20, 2011.

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