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“The Grip”

It starts with the foreskin
The first thing to go
Lest you catch a disease
From a filthy ho

Then comes desire
It must be squelched
Before the Great Lake of Fire
Consumes your bones with a mighty belch

Then comes talk
About love, and marriage
Where people who want a fuck
Create righteousness through a carriage

Then comes the yelling, the screaming,
The nasty divorce
And the children with mental disorders
Due to all of the chaos, of course

The unwanted children,
The broken homes,
When all could be fixed
With birth control and condoms

But we need more miserable people
To fill up our pews
And worship the Lord
And then watch the news

Pushed underground
Is the sexual desire
Much like the drug lords
That the druggies hire

Same for the guns
And ALL illegal things
They lead to black markets
And immoral police stings

All the horny children
Sit, hard and wet,
Terrified of the consequences,
Lest they forget…

They try too hard
To make love work
All because they can’t admit
That they want to pork

What they have been taught
Is not love
It isn’t a divine message
Sent from above

It is guilt and terror
About tits and asses,
Vaginas and cocks,
And cum on glasses

Fear of the touch
Fear of the skin
Fear of too much
Fear of living in SIN

None of these people
Can relax when they cum
They can’t experience
That sex was made to be fun

Please ignore your pastors
And your uptight churches
Don’t worry about Hellfire
And the Devil, who torches

Be smart about sex
Know the real consequences
Like having children
Or really bad itches

But when you’re on top
Of your girl or your guy
Let yourself go
Let yourself fly

Enjoy the touch
Enjoy the heat
Let the pedestrians
Hear you from the street

Take it slow
Take it fast
Make it quick
Make it last

Explore, enjoy
Never stop fucking
Cum to your heart’s content
Never stop sucking

Enjoy each other’s bodies
And each other’s minds
Enjoy his hot cock
Enjoy her insides

Cum where you want
And fear not God
For sex was created by Him
Use your hole, use your rod

But use common sense
Always be smart
Fuck with your genitals
AND with your heart

Be smart, be safe,
Be consensual, be dirty,
Be sweaty, be loving,
Be gentle, be hurty

But the most important thing
Is to relax and enjoy it
For that is what it’s for
Please don’t destroy it…


(Wrote in probably 10-15 minutes, to brag for marketing purposes. Lol. It ended up taking a very different turn than I thought it would when I first came up with the idea. It was initially going to be much more sad, but it took a more positive route when I started writing, which is very odd for me…lol)

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“The Ghost That Always Haunts”

I don’t like sharing my thoughts about my depression, because people just get so nosy, but because I don’t want people to speculate, and because I think this is a good poem, I wrote this preface.

Conceived and completed in about five minutes, to brag.


Introduced in my youth
You never went away
Except for those momentary gleams
On a sunny day

I thought that I was crazy
And I wanted to die
Because of the way you made me feel
On the inside

I thought that you would go away
As I started to age
And that what other people said was true:
That it was “only a stage”

But here I am, a little later on
And you’re still here
To different degrees along the spectrum
The specter I’ve always feared

I want to face you on my own
No help from a ghost hunter
Even though the ghosts from my past
Hunt me down for slaughter

Only God knows how it will end
I know it will go away again
Some tears will fall
And that will be all
Until we meet again

How to maintain that excitement that comes along with being an adolescent as you become an adult…

A part of me wishes I was a teenager again, in high school, doing the exciting things that I used to do, like just going over to someone’s house when I normally wouldn’t, or just think about life, and what it all meant, and ponder, and just be excited by thinking of all of the different possibilities.

Or even just riding with someone and hanging out at a community college that I had never been to before, and thinking about all of the possibilities that the future might have.

Being in high school, about to graduate, and imagining what college would be like while watching a college basketball game, and getting excited; or imagining what college would be like by looking at all of the advertisements that had all of the courtyards in them, with the students walking as they pleased, and wondering what life would be like if you didn’t have bells and teachers telling you what to do all day, but rather you could wander as you please…

And, of course, the prospect of gaining new knowledge, and imagining what all of that future knowledge could be…

College wasn’t exactly like I thought it would be, but it did have its pleasant moments. There were definitely some exciting moments, to say the least. And no, it didn’t have anything to do with alcohol and sex (those were different exciting times). But just that freedom…there was something giddily exciting and satisfactory about it…

Even a simple travel into town for basic necessities could be exciting

Watching movies late at night on the movie channels, and wondering how movies were made; watching curiously, not understanding why other people enjoyed them if they didn’t watch them to understand how and why they were made…

And, of course, those hormones, which would make you imagine the greatest imaginings with every woman that you found remotely attractive (and which, eventually, would send you crashing down later, only to excite you again further down the road).

They were so exciting, so thrilling, and so fulfilling, those imaginings were…

The uncertainty, the new experiences, the imaginations of what the future might hold…

I need all of those excitements back in my life somehow…


My FAVORITE childhood sports memories, particularly baseball (not exhaustive). It’s writing style feels VERY poetic: my style ❤ My style reminds me of “A Christmas Story.” Read it, and you might agree. I know you will love it, but you CAN’T as much as I do. Enjoy.

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A message to the older folks. “What?” I SAID A MESSAGE TO THE OLDER FOLKS!!! “No, I don’t like any yolks!” Oi…

For all of you old people, text speech (“lol” and stuff) was created because technology limited the number of letters that you could use in each message, so you had to be much more economical than you would had you had a quill, ink, and a herd of sheep from which you could draw parchment.

So, smdb.

“Back in MY day…………………..”

A theory (on which, research has probably already been conducted) about everyone’s “favorite music”.

The formative years of musical taste come during adolescence; no doubt, when strong emotional ties are formed when music is used as a remedy to alleviate depression…