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Healthy hatred.

Sometimes, you just need to hate someone with all of your heart.

I promise it’s healthy.



My controversial opinion over the racial slur for black people (I use the word).



Looks like I beat ya to it…

Offend the Fuck Out of People.

My controversial opinion over the racial slur used for black people (I use the word).

Death threats that I have received (from Leftists and others).

Thomas Sowell.

Walter E. Williams.

“If I had my druthers…”

“If I had my druthers” has to be an exclusively Southern phrase.

It means “If I had my way”, or, basically, “I prefer.”

I think it’s technically pronounced “If I had my ruthers” (a Southern pronunciation of “rather”; plural is quite common in Southern language), but for all intents and purposes, “druthers” is the sound that is typically made when it comes out of the contortions of the mouths of Southern people.

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