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2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

Murray Rothbard – Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays.


My thoughts on the Heismann presentation (by Nissan).

The Heismann spectacle gets on my nerves.

Just get the bullshit over with.

Just an excuse for advertisements.

It could be over in five goddamn fucking seconds.

Just open the goddamn envelope -.-




Politics (including internal university politics) are all the same.

Politics is all about causing destruction and patting yourself on the back.

That’s exactly what university chancellors do when they celebrate enrolled students who have piled on tens of thousands of dollars of debt to learn faulty philosophies and basically to get drilled in the head with agenda-pushing.




Libertarianism and Capitalism.

Some thoughts about my college education so far, as well as about education in general, all derived from one pet peeve instance of online homework

The online homework from my community college was set up much better than the homework from my “university.”

There’s no good in multiple attempts at a question if at some point the correct answer doesn’t pop up. I don’t even care if I don’t get credit for the answer. I want to know what I got wrong so that I can learn.

This is absurd. I’m not learning anything from this computer class and it’s too late to add or drop a class.

Thank you, administration. This is why learning is best done on one’s own when one has the most freedom possible to control his own education.

Compulsory education is just plain evil (going to college isn’t compulsory, but cirriculums are really just a waste of time because I want to learn about what I want to learn about, and if I don’t learn something important, it’s my own fault, and that should not be justification for not allowing me to learn about things that I want to learn about).

Deciding what I should learn instead of allowing me to do so is just plain evil. “You need this class or that class.” Who says? What if the teacher is bad, the subject isn’t interesting, and I don’t learn anything? How did that make me a better person “in the eyes of society”, if that is your said goal? And by the way, what about all of the teaching that you teach children about “Don’t care about what society thinks: care about what YOU think.” Well, why doesn’t this apply to my own goddamn education? “Typical, hypocritical societal advice.”

Not allowing me what teachers I want to teach particular subjects, even if it is hard in practice, is insane. Saying that I need “this class” and “that class” in order to graduate to become a “productive member of society” is nonsense. I recognize that resources are limited within schools, but I, as a student, should be able to decide what I learn and who I learn from from within these given resources. It should not be dictated to me by a bureaucrat or administrator. Why do you get to decide what I should learn from my own education? YOU FUCKING SHOULDN’T.

I should decide what I learn and what I don’t, because then, any mistakes made will cost ME. You should not be allowed to “limit my costs” by saying “It’s good for you to take this class.” YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN CONTROL OF MY EDUCATION. I SHOULD BE. If I don’t want to learn, then it’s no one else’s goddamn business.

Most of these people that go through compulsory education don’t learn a GODDAMN thing and it defeats the fucking purpose of an education.


Administration typically = a worse education than doing everything yourself.

It’s fucking bullshit.

YOUTUBE is a better teacher than school.

Schools don’t want to hear that because then they lose money, but if you know what the fuck you’re looking for, IT IS.

Teachers, schools and administrators want kids to learn, but when I say “I learn better from Youtube than you,” it proves that they don’t give a fuck about my education.

They either don’t understand how individuals learn, OR they want to feel important and when I learn by myself instead of having a “teacher” in my presence, they feel offended.

This is EXACTLY the reason why modern education is so fucked up: you don’t allow people to make their own decisions -.-

THIS is why kids don’t pay attention in school, and why they don’t learn things.

You know all of those questions that your kids ask you, parents? THAT’S HOW THEY LEARN. NOT JUST FROM THIS INSTITUTION WE CALL “SCHOOL.”


All of education is just COMPLETELY fucked up, and institutionally, there’s no cure in sight.

However, the education problem doesn’t need to be “solved”, because this simple fact remains:

Those that care to learn will learn on their own, and those that DON’T care to learn WON’T. It’s just as simple as that.

Lumping the two together into one school is the greatest injustice to those that WANT to learn because it treats everyone exactly the same so that the ones that don’t CARE about education don’t “feel bad” (they don’t even fucking care) and all of the time that is spent not teaching the smart kids is time wasted because they could be home fucking reading a book, or outside observing, instead of sitting in a classroom waiting on the dumbest ones to catch up.

School choice is all that matters, and anyone that suggests that you shouldn’t be allowed to learn what you want to should be burned at the stake because they obviously don’t give a goddamn about education.

Kids aren’t wrong when they think that school is a waste of time.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about education, because they still ask you about butterflies, and trees, and the sky, you dumb fucks.

We are killing a child’s education by “trying to give them one.”

It’s absurd, and there is no solution in sight. Learning occurs on one’s own when one wants to, and forcing people to do things does not help them in the least.

Those that hated school hate learning in the future, and that’s simply the way it is unless they miraculously change their mind, and although there are some good teachers within compulsory schooling, it’s not a good trade-off for all of the strict regulation and bureaucracy that occurs even within classrooms: not even within administration.

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January 23, 2014.