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Why am I so blessed? Or have I spoke too soon?

I can’t recommend enough that people study economics. It has taken over my life, for the better. It is the ultimate red pill. Governments make sense when you study economics (if you’re studying the right places). It makes revolutions all the more understandable, and is truly frightening in making you realize that, very likely, you may be involved in a revolutionary war in your life time, or a political prisoner, or subjected to the whims of your “rulers”, whatever they may be. “Constitutional protections” are flimsy when the rulers just……….you know, ignore them. The ultimate answer is an education. That is truly profound. The battle between good and evil never ultimately ceases. We just, thankfully, get some breaks from it every now and then. Peace, of course, is preferable. But smart people know that evil people won’t hesitate to use evil to achieve their means. It is crucial that people be willing to accept their natural right to defend themselves.

It is already known that the Enlightenment changed the world. And such a relatively short period of time ago. But as government gets more and more involved in education, these truths become lost. We mustn’t let the little kiddies ever believe that they have a “right” to ever disobey us. This is why the warning bells have been signaled ever since America’s FOUNDING. The debate over the structure of the government. Thankfully, America was founded upon a rebellion against tyranny. The Enlightenment changed the world. Americans are the products of the Enlightenment. It truly makes one want to study world history, and see if America really was the first “free land”. Ireland, apparently, was “free” for a millennium. That’s astounding. History is full of revolutions. Now, more than ever, I am interested in studying world history.  I finally no longer have my fingers in my ears while I sing “Our God is an awesome God” every time the subject of world history comes to my attention. The same for other subjects as well (thank God).

Many Americans have a “Revere” spirit. We still remember why America became a nation. And at least some of us still understand that this is always relevant. “Revolution” is not simply “historical”. It is always an option. Many Americans understand this, but sadly, more and more refuse to accept this truth. More and more, people become less skeptical of “leaders”. They refuse to believe that America could ever become, say, a North Korea. That type of attitude whittles away the revolutionary spirit that founded the nation. It is a very scary trend. The reason economics is so crucial to this cause is because people will ask, for example, what happened in 2008? Why did I lose everything? They look for answers. Their political leaders always offer them the solutions. And many of them listen, and believe the leaders. Even the most elementary glance at history shows the ultimate “conclusion” of government control. Americans are skeptical of this. “Wait a minute: weren’t we founded on a rebellion against government? Wasn’t that what the Enlightenment was all about? Something fishy is going on here. What am I missing?” The answer is economics.

……….Of course, educating oneself in other areas would help as well. I’m getting around to educating myself on world history. Currently, I’m too involved with economics to do both. You have to have a structure when learning. That, really, comes down to the individual student.

A Philosopher’s Mind.

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Public Service Announcement

Here is my response to the blog post below (I have a sneaking suspicion that the author of this post will delete my response. As someone who has done this myself, I think I am justified in this belief. The response is as follows).

“They are mere shells of life eaten out by years of existence in a mechanized society where their energies, from their youth, have been subjected to the wills of bosses, to the deadening prod of identical external stimuli, and been used up in serving ends quite outside themselves. Now they are tired. There is nothing that they want to do — nothing that reflects any thought, or will, or quest, or direction of their own. They seek only relief from their boredom. They want only to be entertained.” I can understand that argument from one point. Yes, work is monotonous, and it sucks the soul out of individuals. But, to put it bluntly, “that’s just how it is”. There is no other alternative because there are no other effective ways to get the needs and desires of humans met. Whether you use your hands, a shovel, or a tractor, food must still come out of the ground, and it will take a certain amount of time, and specific weather, to grow. Whining and complaining about it is a crucial tool to get through the grueling monotony of what is necessary to keep life alive. But I get the sense (perhaps unfairly) that you are a communist. Once again, that could be completely unfair of me to make that judgment. If you are suggesting that life sucks, and are complaining about it, I’m right there with you. But the reason I sense communist sympathy is talk of the “mechanized society”, “subjected to the wills of bosses”, etc. I’d be interested to hear what your alternative to this situation would be. I’m not trying to be rude, but I would guess communism.

Also, sure, maybe we, as hunter-gatherers, weren’t “bored”, as we had to constantly be vigilant of the predator that would kill us. But is that somehow more “noble” than sitting, being bored, and watching television? Why does digging with a shovel make one more “noble” than using a tractor? Why does having an “easier” life make one a worse person? I don’t agree with that argument whatsoever. I certainly agree that television is garbage, and I lament at the brainlessness of it all. Is there something to be said about the average television watcher? Absolutely. They are condemnable on many fronts. But using that to attack “mechanization” or “bosses” is quite silly. Blaming “mechanization” and “bosses” on taking away ambition from an individual is ridiculous. The individual is not “forced” by “mechanization” or “bosses” to be unambitious. It is the “fault” of the individual. Maybe the caveman that hunted for food with a spear was more “ambitious” than the average television watcher today, but that is of little importance to me. To make a comparison equating “labor exerted” to “nobility” is ludicrous. Today, we may seek only relief from our boredom, but our ancient ancestors only sought relief from a constant, imminent death that was around them in more forms than we will ever experience in our entire lifetimes.

“And everywhere it drives men’s own thoughts and judgments out of their heads, deprives them of the condition for getting any thoughts or judgments of their own”. There’s certainly some truth to that. However, many people are limited intellectually. It is a tragic reality. How to “educate” them? Are they “educable”? Perhaps not. If not, we must lament, with our “live and let live” philosophy. We can critique all we want, but what else can we do? We should not be allowed to capture them, against their wills, and read them the greatest philosophical works ever written. “Live and let live” seems to be the only solution, accompanied by a fierce critique to anyone who will listen, if the parties so desire.

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Excerpts from “Breaking News: story 2 of the Apocalyptic series”.

The big ol’ fear that a lot of people share.

That depressing moment when your biggest life goal is to avoid working at Walmart for 20 years.

And you’d consider 10 years to be a “moral victory“.

(Yes, I currently work at Walmart. Which is part of the reason I’m working on all of this fucking shit…)


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Voluntarism and Capitalism.

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A Short Description of Market Forces from a Simple Ideological Standpoint

When you hate a celebrity or a successful person, you think that that person should be a slave to “EVERYONE”, including yourself.

However, the people that are FANS of these things can’t wait for the next thing to come out, then they consume it, and they are happy.

So why does this hatred occur in the first place? ENVY.

Envy of money, envy of perceived friendship, etc.

But envy doesn’t make your life better, and it doesn’t make their life worse.

It just makes your life worse, and you don’t get anywhere.

Envy was a part of my life for my entire life until a couple of years ago, and that has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I hope that other people can experience the same.

But envy doesn’t help us. It kills us.

This isn’t the attitude that I want to have about the world.

I don’t want to think that everyone that is financially successful cheated to get there.

I don’t want to think that all famous people are fake.

I want to understand the nature of reality as much as possible, while explaining myself as much as possible along the way, so that maybe I can make someone’s life better with what I have to say.

Things that I hear don’t make sense to me because I’ve lived them, and if it wasn’t for my curiosity and desire to obtain knowledge, I’d be in the same miserable boat as they are.

I sincerely hope that we can all reach some understanding someday and find peace, and for me, explaining market forces, common ideas, etc. are where I’m going to start because it makes me the happiest.

I’m tired of being ignorant about the world. It makes me sad and it destroyed me on the inside, so if I can figure things out, that would make me very happy 😀

Wish me luck.

And hopefully you can find something that makes you happy as well (this made me think of when celebrities talk about how blessed they are, etc. and people say “They’re just saying that: they don’t believe it.” That would make celebrities awfully miserable people, and why would you be envious of that? It’s always about money, and I’ll attempt to explain that at some point as well).

I’m tired of thinking that the entire world is fake and broken. I don’t think that’s true anymore and I want to keep fighting this idea throughout my life so that I can find some real peace and happiness.

God, help me.

Being envious of fame and money only leads you to confusion, and because I love clarity, I see it’s value, and I see clarity among other areas, I’m going to attempt to find clarity about the concepts of fame and money without anyone’s help, because I do my best work when I work by myself and I already know what the conventional thinking is on these subjects, and I think that they are disastrous an false.

Envy and the Free Market.

Are Celebrities REALLY fake? More analysis to come.

February 17, 2014.

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A Fallen Man, and Checks and Balances

A lot of liberals attack the government for “capitalist” ideals.

But I ask them: who is going to enforce their communist ones?

If you think that “wage slavery” is slavery, then what is it called when my productivity is given to the ravenous masses? At least in a capitalist society, I am in charge of my own property, and thus I decide what price I am going to offer my services for (and exchanges only take place when buyers peacefully agree with my price, which we can negotiate on). The alternative is to have government create all of the prices, and not only will that cause a lot of economic problems that are impossible to go into in detail in this small article (read the chapter Socialist Calculation in the book Individualism and Economic Order by Hayek for much more elaborate detail than I could ever possibly hope to give: at least at this point in my life. We’ll see about the future), but if businesses do not comply with the mandates from the all-knowing, perfectly benevolent group of fallen individuals known as “government”, then they can send their little agents with guns and arrest me if I have broken a “consumer protection” law or they can tax me to death so that I no longer sell what I’m selling (and oh, guess what? That negatively effects GDP).

In a communist society, who takes from the “greedy” and gives to the “needy” masses? A government?

What keeps the government from keeping the resources themselves? How would you stop them? And more importantly: why do you have such a negative opinion of business owners and a positive view of government when they are both human, and one group owns all of the big guns? Especially if you support gun control?

Why is one group “evil” (business) while another side is “good” (government) when the latter is the group that has all of the guns?

Why is it “evil” to take my property, give it more value, and then sell it at that value? If I own the property, why do I not have the right to sell it at the price that I determine? Why is it bad for a capitalist to determine your wages but good for you to determine his profits? They are the same thing. They are the resources allowed for sustenance.

Why is it ok for you to vote for politicians that will place limits on the amount of property that capitalists can buy, but you want increased business opportunities for yourself, and you run to this exact same government? Do you not see how what you call “capitalism” (which is crony capitalism) is doing the exact same thing?

If you think that buying is slavery, then I can’t imagine how you’d feel if you had a gun in your face (which is what happens in communist economies).

I would think that, being a liberal and using African-American slavery for all of your arguments, that you’d actually understand what slavery is, but I guess not.

Physical force is the determination because products have to be made if they are going to be used.

Cell phones do not just fall out of the sky.

The question becomes: what is the best way to get these things made?

If you attack consumerism: no one said you had to buy the cell phones, but I don’t see why you think it’s fair for others to not be able to purchase cell phones if you support government programs to fix all of the problems that you see in the world.

November 19, 2013.

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