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Randy Newman – You’ve Got A Friend in Me Remixes


My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : Why my best friend is probably Buzz Lightyears away of me as far as writing is concerned…

Practice is the only way to get better at something.

So I must get lost in my writing

(He’s pretty much been telling me that he’s been wanting to do this himself for the past couple of years. I never really understood it until now…)

I’m also beginning to understand how I can become a better writer (something he’s been telling me about himself for the same amount of time), and I’m also beginning to understand what he means when he talks about going insane because of his imagination.

I can see why, if I continue to write, and want to improve as a writer (as I do, because I’m getting bored with the same old dreg that I’ve been trying to sell to people), then I’m going to have to share that same insane, imaginary, mental world that he has been talking about, although no doubt our two worlds will be quite different from one another’s…

Devin Stevens.


My work.

On the voice actors chosen for “Toy Story”…

Tom hanks is great.

Tim Allen…not so much.

“What are you talking about? Toy Story was GREAT!”

I’m talking about as a person.